Chasing Happiness

Belinda Carlisle almost had me fooled.  I nearly believed her when she said that “heaven is a place on earth”.  If that’s so, then why haven’t I found it?  I’ve searched high and low for it, but my efforts all these years have all been futile.  I feel like I’ve been chasing happiness like a cat does a mouse.

I know it’s impossible to have a problem-free life, but that’s not what heaven is to me.  My idea of heaven is when I know that I’m really happy, despite life’s hardships and challenges.  Happiness is something that rebuilds you after you’ve been broken.  That’s what I want.

Heaven for me is also about loving and being loved.  If you look at the string of failed relationships behind me, you’d say that true love is something that has eluded me for so long.

If I can’t find heaven here on earth, can I at least just create it?  But how exactly do I do that?  We each have our own formula for happiness, and what may have worked for you may not necessarily work its magic on me.

I know what I want from this life.   It’s just so hard to get it.  Perhaps if I Click Here, I’ll finally find what I’ve been looking for…

About Pepper

I am a single working mom, trying to raise my kid the best way I know how. Join me as I navigate my way through the jungle that is Single Mom-hood, armed with rose-colored glasses and strength of spirit. As pepper adds spice to food, so does my daughter add spice to my life. She makes life no less than…PEPPERRIFIC!

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  1. I feel that heaven is a place which you can create for yourself. Somewhere where you have peace and go to retreat in times of worry. I hope that you find your place soon.

  2. I identify with your thoughts
    You are not alone, we are so many in that position
    Look, thousands and thousands of dating sites all over, so quad zillions searching for the same type of happiness
    Your articles always inspire me

  3. You’re right, happiness differs from each one’s perspective. A lot of us seek it in materials things. Those provide temporary highs that fade over time. Others seek it into another person. Notice that these are all dependent on outside factors. And since we live in an imperfect world, every little thing could cause disappointments or frustrations. I guess what we should strive for is to find that “thing” that gives us constancy in this ever changing world. For me, that only means one thing…finding God and doing my purpose in life. That is my heaven…and that is my happiness. :-)

  4. hmmnnn now that’s a thought to ponder…but I always believed it is when we are at peace and serene with ourselves that we have heaven here on earth.

    but then inner peace is such an elusive thought sometimes. better take the world one step at a time no matter what and then maybe we can all have a piece of heaven everyday =)

  5. I believe you will have your heaven on earth one day! You will find happiness, probably when you lest expect it (this goes for finding love too).

  6. I will now be singing that song all day! Keep searching for Heaven on Earth…you will find it in the hearts of people who care about you!

  7. Don’t give up on finding your own happiness. There is someone out there for you to love and be loved by. Until you find it have fun and enjoy your life. :)

  8. Debbie McCormick says

    Honestly – I think we all have a little bit of heaven on earth. There are good things and bad things. It just comes down to how we process it and how we choose to deal with it – good and bad.

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