Children’s Book Campaign Reunites Son with Father after Seven Years

Here’s a heartwarming story to bring out the holiday spirit in us all:

StarBoy is a children’s book, written and illustrated by Ventura-based community storyteller Noah Crowe, about growing up missing his father, rites of passage, and belonging.

Free Web ProxyWell on Wednesday, December 4th, Noah’s kickstarter campaign to publish his book yielded an unexpected result:

His father called.

After seven years without any contact, the news of Noah’s book, StarBoy: The Boy Who Traded Clothes with the Stars, reached his father’s ears. When he learned about the book’s subject, his father reached out with a simple and heartwarming request. He wanted to read it.

“It jolted me in a way I wasn’t expecting,” Noah said. “I didn’t expect that the energy in the story about embodying the love of the father inside, would become about reconnecting with my father personally, nor did I know it was even possible.”

Recently, Noah reached out to me and my blog to see if I could share his campaign with anyone that might be interested in helping him out.

The StarBoy campaign ends in 19 days and still needs to raise 84% of its funding for the book to be published. Any donation is greatly appreciated, even just $1 to raise the number of backers and bring the campaign to a wider audience.

The book is to be printed on recycled or even tree-free paper, and for every book sold a tree will be planted, to set a new environmentally conscious standard for children’s media, and stress the importance of how we share our stories.

To make a donation, check out the StarBoy book, or offer Noah any helpful tips, just go to:


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  1. I love that he has the video on his website. Wishing him nothing but great luck!

  2. What an amazing story! And it looks like a great book, too.

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