Choosing Jewelry for Your Daughter’s Birthday

If you have a daughter, buying birthday presents can be hard. She may want the latest gadgets or some cool new clothes, but perhaps you’d rather give her something more lasting she can keep and appreciate when she’s older. Jewelry can be a good compromise, because it gives her something fun to wear and show off to her friends, but it also won’t go out of date or stop fitting her in a year’s time. If it is a special birthday, like her 16th or 18th, then it can be an even better idea to opt for a special piece of jewelry that really marks the occasion and which she can keep as a reminder of the day forever. Here are some tips for picking the perfect thing:

Choose Something Wearable

It may sound obvious but it is important to choose something she can actually wear a lot. If you want to go high end, then simple diamond studs or a pretty pendant can be a better choice than expensive dangly earrings that will only really work with black tie clothing – aside from prom, she probably won’t have that many black tie events in her near future! Check out this website for more information about classic, stylish high end diamond jewelry suitable for gifts.

Choose A White Metal

Whether you are looking to spend a lot of money or have something less high end in mind, it is generally better to pick a white metal, whether it is platinum, white gold or silver, than yellow gold. This is because it will go together better with other, cheaper silver jewelry or metal pieces like watches than yellow gold, and is also generally more fashionable. Because white metals range from silver through to platinum there is something to suit every budget and you can find pieces with stones, colored enamel details and all kinds of other embellishments, or chunky pieces that can look really great on teens.

Fit with Her Taste

Whether you like her current style of dress or not, there’s no point getting something she won’t like, so you need to go with something that complements her style. That being said, if you want to get her something she’ll always love, it can be better to go with something plain that goes with anything rather than getting her a silver pentagram or skull to compliment her current gothy phase! Chains, simple rings with a nice stone, stud or cuff earrings and classic bangles are all pieces that can fit in with any look and can be a safe choice whether she is alternative or trendy in her current style. They are also good, classic pieces that work for girls who don’t usually wear jewelry.

Choosing jewelry for someone else is always hard, and when you add to that the changing tastes of a teen and the fact you want her to really appreciate the love that went in to the piece it can be doubly difficult. However, by bearing these things in mind, you can find the perfect gift.

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