Creating a Candy Buffet That Perfectly Matches Your Event

Many of us have dreamed about the day that we can create a beautiful, exciting, and fun loving candy buffet. Like many of the other new things that we have tried, we’re afraid that we’ll somehow make a mistake.



For many people, the biggest mistake they make when coordinating and designing a candy buffet is they choose the wrong color scheme. A second mistake that people tend to make is they choose the wrong types of candy for their event.


Are you ready to finally create a candy buffet that perfectly matches your event decor? Are you finally excited to take this challenge?


Don’t worry because we’re here to help. We’ll share our favorite tips and wisdom about successfully coordinating and planning a sweet candy buffet perfectly in alignment with your candy decor.


What Type of Event Are You Hosting?


At times it’s going to be easier to coordinate and design a candy buffet than at other times.


The first tip we can give you is to use a bulk candy supplier with which you will still be able to save up on the money. One of them is Sweet Services.


As an example, creating a candy buffet for a children’s event will be one of the easiest things you’ve ever attempted to accomplish. Kids love candy of all kinds. You can get them hard candy, soft candy, chocolates, and any other type of sweets that you could think of. They will absolutely devour everything you put in front of their cute little faces because they love candy and they can’t wait to eat as much as their little bellies can carry.


Kids’ parties are a breeze as far as candy buffets are concerned. It’s the adult parties that you have to pay special attention to.


Designing the Best Candy Buffet for an Adult Themed Party


As far as the adults are concerned, you’re much better off avoiding the sugary hard candies and sticking to the tried and true and thoroughly tested chocolates! It’s rare to meet an adult who doesn’t absolutely love chocolate candy. And to be quite honest with you, the adult that doesn’t love chocolate candy doesn’t love candy at all. They will typically avoid a candy buffet because they just don’t really like sweets.


So, creating an adult candy buffet is going to be easier than you think. Pick chocolate candies that everybody loves. The following are great examples to include in your adult candy buffet:


  •        chocolate covered cherries
  •        chocolate rum candy
  •        dark chocolate covered cherries
  •        milk chocolate dried strawberries
  •        dark chocolate pretzel twists
  •        milk chocolate covered walnuts
  •        milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts
  •        milk chocolate covered pecans
  •        milk chocolate covered peanuts
  •        milk chocolate covered almonds


Clearly, adults are going to fall head over heels in love with this candy buffet. It will look and taste great and they’ll be happy that you created it.


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