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A pretty major responsibility – especially when it comes to parenting – is knowing how to stretch your money further than it has ever been stretched before. Trust us, the better you get at this the less stressful your life will be. But knowing how to find a bargain can be really tricky, and doing the research to get better at understanding the bargain game can be really time consuming, which, as a parent, isn’t something you have much of. But don’t despair. That’s where we come in. So read on and find out how to become a bit more like Dog The Bargain Hunter.  



When you have kids, it isn’t just their birthday’s you need to buy presents for, it is all their friends too, and when they are growing up there seem to be six parties every weekend. It’s a lot to consider and even more to spend money on. As such, it is worth being organised and utilising sales whenever you can. It may be that you’re doing your grocery shop in one of the big supermarkets when you spy a book sale. Don’t think, just buy. The same goes for craft fairs. If there is a tasty deal but you’re think “ah, my kids don’t need any more of that” remember the parties. What you are aiming to do here is build up a treasure chest of unused presents that you can call on whenever an invite falls through your letterbox.



With more and more companies popping up, they are having to fight harder and harder to get there products seen and bought, and a major way they do this is through vouchers and giveaways. So keep an eye for anything that will give you a discount, whether it’s toys or  food or hotels or anything, give it a read. Or be proactive about it and sign up for a few voucher companies that will send you that week’s best offers; companies like This is a really neat trick to utilise.



There was a time where you could have jumped on a plane spontaneously, with nothing but hand luggage, ready to explore the world at a moment’s notice. But not any more. Not least because of the costs. This is where a few tips and tricks can really help. First of all check out apps like Skyscanner. Second of all check what airlines offer great options for families; it may be a standard ticket price for under three’s or free travel for under two’s. Also, don’t travel at peak times, this means avoid weekends Monday’ and Friday’s. Actually, the busiest times (and thus the most expensive given the supply and demand rules) are Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. So if you can move your travel days by even a day, you could find yourself saving a hundreds of bucks per ticket. That’s an incredible saving, and extra cash that could be used on accommodation or a nice activities day, huh. Think about it.

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