Exercise Your Way to a Healthy Heart

Algebra has always been my favorite subject.  I used to derive a sense of satisfaction from being able to work those equations out.  But when I entered college and had close encounters with Calculus, my love for math fizzled.  I found myself dreading it like the springy hairs on my neighbor’s bare back.  The mere mention of the word “Calculus” made my heart beat double time.  I probably had to use one of those monitors on HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com to make sure that I wasn’t going to have a cardiac arrest anytime soon.

Now, I know better to stay away from unnecessary stress.   I’m not getting any younger, so I must make sure to do all I can to keep a healthy heart.

Regular exercise is a key factor in keeping one’s heart in top shape.  The operative word here is “regular”.  Don’t start and then stop your exercise regimen after some time.  If you’re just beginning to exercise, it’s best to start easy.  I, for one, have started to get the hang of running, but I didn’t set out to go on a marathon right away.  I began with a 3k fun run, and worked my way up to a 6k.  Slow and steady wins the race, remember?

If you’re not a running kind of person, you can always find some kind of physical activity to do which you enjoy.  You can opt instead to go dancing or biking around the block.  Just be sure to get your heart pumping 5 days a week, for about 30 minutes each time.

Now if only I knew how to keep the heart from being broken…


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  1. This was a great reminder post. We still have snow melting but I can not wait to get moving outside. I loved your comment about regular exercise I am not consistent and I need to work at that!

  2. Looking great Pepper! :)
    But unlike, I never took a liking for Algebra or any Math subject. Lol. We have a hate-hate relationship, haha!

  3. hottie! hahaha! :) I love jogging, too, although I haven’t had the time lately. Ugh. Let’s jog together minsan! hahaha!

    • Hey, long time no hear! How are you? I missed you! Yes, let’s jog together sometime. Jog-walk, doesn’t matter :)

  4. I have tried and tried and tried to like running. But, it’s zumba for me! At least I’m exercising now… pre-zumba, nothing!

  5. I can’t wait to get back to working out. I’ve started a couch to 5k program a couple times but never finished and I’m determined I will finish it once I’m cleared to work out again.

  6. I wish I was able to find an exercise program that I can enjoy and not cause me additional pain.

  7. Calculus would set me to run and I’m not even a runner (though I do like to run on the treadmill).

    And you’re right, exercise is very important, at any age. :)

  8. That is an awesome post. You have really layed out your points in great detail. We should take get hold of this post, read and impliment the points outlined.

  9. I really dislike running… I seem to “try” it every year and remember quickly why I don’t like it (always sore afterwards, kind of boring, and I’m self-conscious that I look ridiculous while running). However, I love Zumba and yoga… so I do get my regular exercise in.

  10. Great post. we use Adfly for advertising in eperiments but never used it as a publisher. After reading this and your other post we shall be looking into it and running a few more eperiments.

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