Fashion Tips for Mom:  How to Look Fab in Your 50’s

Tears for Fears said that “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”.  Although not everyone would get the chance to launch a nuclear attack from the Air Force One, everybody has the chance to look stunning at any age- moms in their fifties, notwithstanding.  If you, your mom or someone dear to you is in her golden years wants to look gorgeous and turn heads, do consider the following fashion tips:

For casual wear, steer clear of jeans which are too high-waisted.  Your best bet would be bootcut styles.  Keep it simple with a comfortable cotton top and flats.  There’s a wide selection of classic and ageless styles of flats from both online and offline stores.

You can still get away with wearing prints.  Just stick to small prints, so you won’t look too garish.  A printed wrap around dress with a V-neckline looks effortlessly elegant.

For office wear, look for suits with a touch of softness to them.  A fitted turtleneck over a chic pencil skirt will also help flatter your figure without trying too hard.

Just because you’re in your fifties, doesn’t mean you have no other choice but the frumpy look.  Explore various style options, and you’ll feel confident as you have the time of your life.

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  1. I have a decade to find out if I will be frumpy lol! Can you be like that wearing jeans? I guess not. I’ve been wearing boot cut jeans forever. That is why I hate buying jeans these days because you rarely chance upon boot cut style…all they have are these skinny jeans that look hideous on me. They emphasize my well-developed calves hehehe.

    • Hi Aileen! Oh, I’ve been on the hunt for boot cut jeans too. I think they’ve been wiped off the face of the earth. Too bad for us, then.

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