Feng Shui in the Bedroom: Easy Tips for Busy Moms

We’ve all heard a little bit about Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of arranging objects to bring harmony to your home. Principles of Feng Shui provide some easy guidelines for adding peace, symmetry, and balanced design to the spaces you love most.

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Feng Shui teaches you to take a look at your whole house and view it as a cohesive system. Many times we get so busy that we will keep spaces like the living room and kitchen well-designed and tidy but neglect spaces like the bedroom and bathroom, because fewer people will see these rooms. Your personal space, however, is just as important as spaces your guests will see, and it is vital to integrate peace and balance into these spaces to give you a retreat after a long day of chasing kids, running errands, and/or working that job.

The first step in integrating Feng Shui is to attack those neglected spaces. And, because you deserve it, start with the bedroom. Here’s your permission to put yourself first for once. Imagine for a minute your room transformed into a space with rich, calming wall colors; a comfortable, welcoming bed; soothing art including indoor water falls; and balanced furniture. Sound nice? Do it!

Paint is ridiculously inexpensive and such an easy way to refresh a space. According to Feng Shui, bedroom colors should be neutral and natural. It is best to stick to skin tones, ranging from pale to deep browns. If you’re a lover of color, have no fear. Use small accent pieces like pillows, knickknacks and throw blankets to add splashes of personality. It’s not difficult to create the perfect bed.

For your bed, invest in a good, supportive mattress and sheets with a high thread count, as well as supportive pillows. Beds should have easy access from both sides and have matching end tables on either side to bring balance. If you can, take five minutes each morning to make the bed (access from both sides will help speed up this process). Be strategic about the wall art you choose. It should be soothing and beautiful (i.e. NOT your partner’s Batman poster, even if it is nicely framed). Indoor water walls are a stunning addition to bring beauty and balance to your space.

Feng Shui doesn’t have to be difficult and creates immediate peace-giving results. Go ahead, start with your bedroom, and you’ll love it so much the whole house will transform.


Paige One loves writing about inspirational ideas on how to enhance your space. Find indoor water walls and other beautiful elements to create the perfect interior.




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  1. My bedroom is the last place to get any attention most of the time. I like the idea of putting it first. It would be nice to lay down to relax and actually feel like I was in a peaceful environment. These were great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m going to have a new bedroom soon and I hope to make it a beautiful place for us to be. instead of a crazy disaster

  3. I too believe in Fengshui and the important to have peace and harmony in the bedroom so that one can have a good night’s sleep.

  4. Thanks for the permission! I have a very large to do list, that keeps getting longer, but just today, I announced that I wanted to be able to leave my bedroom door open with a clean room and made bed, instead of having to close it, in case anyone would come down that hall to get to the bathroom, and see my chaotic mess in there. My bedroom has been the dumping ground for anything that was out of place in the rest of the house, in the few minutes before company comes over.

  5. Nice ideas. I lvr the feng shui concept, it’s so harmonious.

  6. You mean that stack of items for next spring’s garage sale can move elsewhere? YAY!!!! I’d love a serene retreat, much like a vacation every day! Sigh!

  7. Elisa {With Grace & Eve} says

    Great ideas! I will have a new room soon and choosing soothing colours and artworks has been on my mind! xx

  8. This is a good article. Our mattress is very high quality, but the frame on the bed (from a bedroom suite we got at one of those package places…you know where you get everything together) is cheap and cracked, now it feels like the mattress is sinking. The bedroom is def. a place to give attention, afterall you are going to be there every single night and morning, without fail. :)

    I like the idea of symmetry.

  9. Our bedroom is such a holy mess right now, even though the rest of the house looks pretty good. This post has inspired me to get something up on our walls and clear out the pile of clean blankets sitting in the corner! Thank you!

  10. I agree that the bedroom really needs to be a place of rest and serenity. I was upset when our husband put a tv in there (one he never watches by the way!) As soon as we redo our room, it’s the first thing getting taken out!

  11. Your tips seem really simple and doable. Well, maybe except the Water Wall. I would love one of those, but I don’t think I’d ever be able to convince my husband :)

  12. Not bad idea! I’ll have a new room and choosing soothing colours.

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