Finding Happiness Through Self-Awareness

When I was a kid, it didn’t really take much to make me happy. Simple things like a glass of chocolate milkshake and watching Sesame Street episodes would make my day.

Nowadays though, I find it slightly more difficult to get washed over by a wave of happiness. Because of countless challenges from work, relationships, and pretty much anything that goes on around me, happiness oftentimes seems as far-fetched as scoring a date with Chris Hemsworth.

And then I got to reading about how self-awareness can lead to happiness. So, what is self-awareness, anyway?

Self-awareness means understanding your personality, feelings and desires. It’s somewhat a form of meaningful introspection. When you are able to clearly identify what you want out of life, it becomes easier to reach your goals. And the fulfillment you derive from that will make you happy.

For instance, I you keep seeing the same numbers when you look at a clock, you can take that as a sign to look into numerology to understand yourself better. Looking at various aspects of your personality may be the key to helping you unlock your full potential.

Self-awareness means more than simply knowing who you are. It’s about the ability to keep your emotions and values in check. When you act based on those values, you do things out of respect for yourself, and will in turn learn to treat others with respect. This translates to more harmonious relationships.

How do you develop self-awareness, then? Make it a habit to do some serious introspection on a daily basis. You can do this by writing in your journal. Constantly ask for feedback from friends and co-workers. They can give you useful insight into your character.

Happiness is not like the Holy Grail. If you know how to increase your self-awareness, you’ll realize that happiness is not that hard to find.

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