First Day of School: Books to Help Your Kid Cope

Seems like only yesterday when you and your kid were chanting “No more classes, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks!”   Now, with summer coming to an end and only a few days to go before school starts, you feel the dire need to relax at hot tubs and spas just to help ease some of the tension out of all the back-to-school preparations.   More than fretting over miscellaneous fees and your daughter’s request for that Tinkerbell school bag, you worry about how your kid will cope with the underlying stress which is often part of the first day of school.  As a mom, you can help your child feel less jittery by reading the following books to him:

First day Jitters: Starting at a new school is something Sarah dreads, but when she gets to her class, she and the reader will be in for a surprise.



Kindergarten countdown: Through illustrations and simple rhyming text, an excited little girl counts down the days before the start of kindergarten.



Annabelle Swift, kindergartner: Annabelle’s first day in kindergarten is a success, even if the things her older sister taught her at home seem a bit unusual.



I don’t want to go back to school:  Ben has a wonderful time on his first day in second grade, despite his older sister’s stories about all the terrible things that could go wrong.




My name is Yoon: This is about how a Korean-born girl named Yoon tries to feel more comfortable in her new school and new country.


First Day: A story about a preschooler’s worries about the first day of school.



Billy and the big new school Billy is nervous about starting school, but he realizes that he too can look after himself, when he cares for a sparrow that learns to fly on its own.


With your kids off to school, you don’t have to sulk at home and bury yourself under piles of laundry.  You could set an example for learning and take some online classes in subjects which are of interest to you.  You can hop on over to Guide to Online Schools where you are sure to find a gamut of ideas to suit your home-learning needs.

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  1. guess i need the 4th book for–myself..since i still want to go back to school than in the office :)

  2. hello sis..your right when my little girl goes back to school..busy days are here early morning is my busiest..we are both single parents so I guess you can relate..preparing all the things she needs and reviewing her lessons again before she goes to school..I am blessed actually because my 6 year old loves to study and she has the initiative to take a bath by her own at an early age..putting her baon..I gave her some responsibilities that made her more independent in some things..

    There are only the three of us so we help each other..and giving her small responsibilities gives her initiative to excel in everything that she does..

    On her first day to school..I did read her books sis..but I think what helped her a lot to accept her new school environment is..we play school inside our house until now..I play the teacher both of my kids will be the students..we have also recess the best part hahaha :)

    passing by sis..nyt mwahhh :)

    • You’re lucky you have a responsible daughter. I hope she and my daughter can be friends too. hehe. Credit to you for her good behavior!

  3. جامعة تعليم عن بعد says

    On her first day to school..I did read her books sis

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