From Under the Stars to On the Road: The Essentials for Any Camping Trip

Going camping is one of the best ways to have a fun-filled, exciting vacation, without spending a huge amount of money. Plus, if you tie it in with a road trip, you’ll be able to explore loads of countryside, and not just stick to the same area for days on end. However, camping is only fun when you’re prepared. If you turn up with no food, a leaky tent and no sun block, you’re going to wish you were back at home fairly quickly. So, the key is to get everything you need, and get it far enough in advance that you can get a few trial runs in before the big expedition.

Camping kit

The most important thing to get sorted is your tent. Find one that doesn’t leak and can put up with extreme weather. You don’t want to be woken up first thing in the morning every day because it’s far too hot to stay inside. It needs good ventilation, and secure window flaps. Plus, it needs to be big enough. Always err on the side of caution, especially if there’s a few of you sharing the same tent. Plus, if you’re going to be hiking with all your equipment in your bag, the tent needs to be lightweight.

Once your tent is sorted, you need a backpack that’s going to be comfy and keep your belongings safe. You should always go to a professional shop to have a backpack chosen and fitted for you. If you get back ache after one day of walking, the rest of your holiday will be ruined.

Then, think about your sleeping setup. If you’re pitching up once and not traveling with your kit, then you could think about blow up air beds or camp beds. If not, then find a lightweight roll-up mat to sleep on. A fold-up pillow and eye mask are always welcome, especially in the summer.

Food and catering

If you don’t have good food while you’re camping, you’ll be in trouble. You need to think about what equipment to bring: a portable stove with tin pans is a good idea. You can always light a fire when you arrive, but it’s risky to use it as your only cooking method, just in case you can’t light it, or it doesn’t cook quickly enough. Then, try these camping recipe ideas to make sure you start and end the day with a full stomach, and all the nutrients you need to keep you going.

First aid and protection

If you’re going on a road trip, make sure your vehicle has the right insurance – with breakdown cover if possible – and that you’ve got enough spares, including tires, petrol or diesel canisters, and oil. Then, put together a comprehensive first aid kit, including sun block, fly deterrent, gauze and bandages, antiseptic wipes, chlorine tablets for drinking water, and pain relief. Make sure this is always accessible and always to hand. It should also contain any required medication for anyone on the trip, with enough spare in case some are lost, or you’re out for longer than you planned.

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