Get Help With Your Art Collection

If you’re one who has a stunning art collection, you have every right to feel proud.  You might need some expert help though when it comes to organizing and displaying your fine art.

Boston art consultants are available to perform a complimentary on-site consultation and give you a virtual preview of your chosen exquisite artwork and how it will integrate with the other elements in your environment’s decor.

They are well experienced and would be pleased to come to your home or office to consult in detail regarding scale, palette, framing, lighting, placement and more. They will measure, photograph and document your designated spaces and then assist you in choosing works that reflect your personal desirable art pieces that you want to enhance your interior.

If you are searching for the perfect work of art to fit into a particular location, a virtual preview creates that for you by utilizing digital photographs of your designated space. Preferred works of art from the gallery or website will be superimposed to scale. The picture that results will look exactly as if the artworks are actually hanging on your wall!

Lanoue Gallery in the dynamic Arts District of Boston’s South End is an excellent example of a full service gallery that features Boston artists as well as established and emerging ones from around the globe. They showcase rotating exhibitions in their 4,000 square foot art gallery,

The techniques and materials featured in their artwork include:

Layered and sewn pigment prints
Mixed media on panels
Mixed media on canvas
Mixed media and oil on canvas
Photo, oil, text and resin on panels
Mixed media on hand-sculpted acrylic
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic and mixed media on panels
Pen and ink with watercolor
Textiles and unspun wool
Archival pigment print
Pen and ink with watercolor
Porcelain on wood panel
Acrylic paint and gel medium on linen
Glass, bronze and mixed media

The Lanoue Gallery would be happy to facilitate your art collecting experience and give you the unique ability to see for yourself what your art purchases will look like in your own surroundings. Whether you discover a few favorites at the gallery or from the extensive art collection online at, consultation services allow you to actually view how those possible pieces will appear right in your own home or office.

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