Getting Over Being Dumped

In relationships, things could happen in the blink of an eye, either in a good or a bad way. So one moment you are still all lovey-dovey, and the next day you might already be waking up to the terrible fact that you’ve been dumped. You’re going to be a complete mess for the next few days, weeks, or even months. You’re sad, shocked, anguished and hateful. You may feel like it’s the end of the world, and you can never love again. Is there a way out from all this? How to get over it?


Don’t think that you can’t find love again

Many people who are dumped often believe that no one else except their exes could fill the void in their hearts. It’s totally normal to think this way, but don’t let this thought consume you. Try to find a hobby you can indulge in, do anything you want, or simply do nothing at all, and hopefully this can help you take your mind off the ex. More importantly, believe in yourself, your fate, or whatever, that there must be someone else waiting for you among the 7 billion people in the world.


Accept it

This is not rubbing salt on your wounds, but you’ve got to accept that the relationship is over. Your ex was an important part of your life, but not anymore. All those days that you spent together would only remain as memories. It’s painful but you need to learn to accept it. Cry if you must – it’ll make you feel better.


Find someone to talk to

Don’t fight the battle alone; you don’t have to. Find a person you can trust and tell everything in your story, the good times, the bad times, the regrets, everything. Just talk until there’s nothing left in your mind. By then, you should feel slightly better. Don’t resort to drugs or alcohol; all you need is a pair of kind ears, and perhaps a shoulder to cry on if you need it. After all, just having someone listening to you is already a big load off the chest. However, if you still find yourself hanging in a state of extreme depression, it’s better to seek for professional help.


This too shall pass

It takes time for you to get over your ex. Be patient, as the saying goes, “give the time, some time.” All those heart wrenching feelings of grief, despair and loneliness will eventually recede. Soon enough you’ll be back on your feet, and if you’re lucky enough to meet your new love, take it. You don’t have to follow the obscure 3-month or 6-month rules, as long as you’re not using the new partner as a substitute or a scapegoat. Even if you want to try something more unconventional, such as chatroulette or online dating, go for it – just make sure that this time, you know how to protect your heart.


Do you have any other tips for coping with breakups? Please share them, as I might as well learn a thing or two.




Written by: Sybil Serin

Author Bio: A twenty-something girl who’s “been there”. Bouncing back from adversities, she now works hard to improve herself as a better and stronger soul.

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I am a single working mom, trying to raise my kid the best way I know how. Join me as I navigate my way through the jungle that is Single Mom-hood, armed with rose-colored glasses and strength of spirit. As pepper adds spice to food, so does my daughter add spice to my life. She makes life no less than…PEPPERRIFIC!

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