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Starting a blog is a great way to keep yourself busy and share your interests with the rest of the world. For many it is just a hobby that they will come back to from time to time with little updates on their life, tips for certain events and holidays and some will use it as their online personal diary.


But if you want to get serious about blogging, there has never been a better time to start. The world is full of exciting, fascinating stories that are begging to be told, and there is always room for someone else to throw their two cents in and give the internet their opinion on the whole matter.


How does one, then, go from casual blogging about general day-to-day life to actually start making a living from it? As with most things in life, you need to have the drive to be successful and dedicate yourself to what you want to create without this drive; you may as well remain updating your blog only when you remember it exists.


To get started on some serious blogging business, you first need to decide what sort of blog you want to work on. The kind of blog will dictate your content as well as your accessibility. Now, it is more straightforward than ever to send your message out to to the world.


The platform you select will depend on what you are most comfortable with. Some bloggers want people to put a face to a name, and will, therefore, start up a video blog (vlog) on YouTube or similar video streaming services. For the more reserved among us, creating an engaging website will be your first step towards getting your new blog going.


With the initial idea organised, it is now time to decide just what you want to discuss on your blog. To find the answer to this, you need to first ask yourself questions and discover what your passions are, why they might be interesting to others, or even your knowledge on particular subjects.


There are so many blogs out there that you might think that it is pointless to add yet another home improvement blog, or another beauty blog or another [insert generic blog theme here] to an already oversaturated market.


However, the beauty of the internet, and humanity in general, is that because you are an individual, you will have a unique perspective on whatever your passion might be. During this period of deciding the what of your blog, it is useful to research similar blogs and identify what they do well, and what they do not so well.


Knowing the type of content featured on blogs similar – but not identical – to your own will provide a clear focus of how you should begin. It will also give you the chance to discover what topics are overdone, and what sort of topics have been neglected. You can find out where are the gaps in the blogging market.


Once your research is complete, you need to start making content. But where do you begin? For those who are unsure of what to write about at first, an informative and thorough introductory post that ties in with your blog’s theme is a great place to start.


Introducing, or perhaps re-introducing yourself to the online world is a quick and efficient way to make a statement and announce yourself in the world of serious blogging. With an introduction out of the way, you can then begin discussing and writing about whatever you want to, and whatever you feel suits your blogging platform.


It may take time for the traffic to build up, so during these early days and weeks, it is important to promote as much as possible. Use social media platforms where you often interact with friends, family and strangers to get the word out there and encourage people to visit your blog for a read.


By simply adding a link to your blog on your profiles, you will immediately see a spike in visitors. As much as you may feel like you are bothering your contacts through this promotion, you can’t rely on the luck of the draw to bring people to your website. You must first guide them there.


With a link permanently fixed to your social media profiles, you can then start to update your timeline everytime you make a post. People are naturally curious, and so any new update will drive them investigate what all this fuss is about.


Over time, you will see more and more people visiting and hopefully revisiting your blog. When the time comes – and you will know when that is – you can start to do away with promoting your blog from your profile and instead let it sell itself.


Furthermore, social media groups that are relevant to your blog are a nice, easy way to get readers. Joining these groups will allow you to discuss topics and ideas with other people passionate about the same things as you are.


You never know, you might even find a fellow blogger to work on a collaboration with to further boost your viewing numbers and give each other some much-needed promotion. Social media is your friend, and instead of wasting time liking cat pictures and tired memes, use it to your advantage.


There is also the issue of security. Internet safety is at the forefront of a lot of issues nowadays, and so it is essential that you undertake the proper measures to ensure you, your blog, and your information remain secure.


It is vital that you choose a password that will be near-impossible to guess. For bloggers that write about their personal life, this is more important than most. People will always be looking to take advantage and so having your password be the same name as your dog or favourite artist can be easily discovered, particularly if you discuss these sorts of things in your content.


Instead, choose something that is easy for you to remember, but challenging for others to guess. You might think that no one wants to steal your content or data, but you’d be surprised. Jealousy, boredom, general malice are all factors in ruining all your hard work at the click of a button.


Finally, one of the most important things to remember when getting into the blogging world is to remain consistent. Low effort content will quickly drive away readers, especially if they are new to the blog. Keeping up with high-level content that both intrigues, educates, and entertains is vital to retaining a strong reader base.


Furthermore, the early days of your blog may seem like a wasteland. By keeping up with your posting schedule in the first couple of weeks and months of your blogging journey, you will soon develop essential habits for the future. Very soon your attitude will change from ‘Ah man, I need to get a blog post done,’ to ‘That sounds cool! I’ll be there as soon as I’ve finished these blog posts.’


Your blog will become your life, should you want to be serious about it, and that is okay. It’s better than okay, in fact, it is the chance for you to gain that creative freedom that you have always yearned for.

Getting started on some serious blogging may seem like a long and endless road, but with the proper commitment and dedication, it will soon become second nature. You might be concerned about keeping your ideas fresh, but as long as you continue to work towards personal growth and take every opportunity available to you, you will never be wanting for content, and be able to welcome a steady and loyal stream of visitors.

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