Gingivitis: The Low-Down on Sore Gums

Smile, and the whole world smiles with you.  But if you have red gums which swell like hell, then you’re better off hiding that smile, as the world- instead of smiling with you- might shudder in disdain.

Red, swollen and bleeding gums when you brush your teeth are the symptoms of gum disease or gingivitis.  If you ignore it at this stage, it could possibly lead to more serious problems like tooth loss and even heart and circulation problems.

Poor oral hygiene is the primary culprit of gingivitis.  Plaque builds up on your teeth if you don’t brush and floss daily- and properly.  Use an extra soft toothbrush to brush your teeth without brushing too hard. If you put all your Herculean strength into brushing your teeth, you tend to wear down the tooth enamel and hurt your gums.  Remember, your teeth are not like your kitchen sink which you have to scrub down so hard in order to get clean.

Gingivitis is something you shouldn’t just brush off (pun intended!).  If you catch the problem this early, you can very well prevent gingivitis from progressing into more serious problems.  And then, you can start showing off that million dollar, gingivitis-free smile for all the world to see.



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  1. My gums used to bleed everytime I brush. I had to undergo gum surgery to address the problem. Hella painful.

  2. My gums bleed when I brush too hard, I just get to gigil when I brush.hahaha.

  3. whoah.. we really should be careful when cleaning our teeth.. we brush our teeth for better appearance remember, but giving all your effort could lead your teeth be brushed all away. :D

  4. It is also important to have strong gums so proper hygiene is important when caring for teeth and gums.

  5. my teeth has always been one of my priorities pero yun, nasira dahil sa kaartehan sa tooth paste. good i dont have gum problems

  6. i have a sensitive gums, then when my gums bleed i already used sensodyne toothpaste

  7. My gums used to bleed before. Can’t remember what I did but they’re better now. Thanks for this reminder!

  8. my brother is having this problem, he cannot brush his teeth properly because it hurts and it bleeds. :(

  9. My friend told me that she told her kids that it is good set of teeth that she can only give to them aside from good education. I think that is true. =)

  10. having swollen bleeding gums is a tough one. it must be clean always to avoid infection, if it persist for days, might as well go to your dentist and have a professional opinion. Yahweh bless.

  11. Sore gums are the result of insufficient stimulation with an accurate tooth-brush in the way Nature intended. It must imitate the chewing motion. No sideways only little up and down movements. Infected gums will be tender and bleed for a few days before healing, then never again will they be sore.

  12. Mich of Mich Eats and Shops says

    Good thing I’ve never had problems with my gums but I do need to keep flossing daily. The dentist advised me too and I did for a while until I got too lazy. I better make it a habit!

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