Girls Talk: Last Song Syndrome

Local radio stations are notorious for playing old songs on Fridays, all through to the weekend. Today is no exception, as this Madonna song just keeps playing over and over in my head. I especially like Borderline, because it reminds me of my carefree childhood. I remember I was in grade four when this song was on the top of the charts. Am giving away my age again :)

This is my first time to join a Girls Talk meme. Check out the other LSS entries here.

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  1. yes I remember this and sing to this too! We’re still young…lol

  2. i love some or most of Madonna’s songs

  3. Hi Pepper! Madonna’s songs are cool…they never fade. thanks for following me. will be following you too :D

  4. hehe.. favorite ko yan sa videoke pati i will survive at dancing queen.. lol

  5. Wow! Another nostalgic song for me. Taking me back through the years. Nice pick for GT!

  6. ay oo! nakaka-LSS nga ito! heheh

  7. I remember this song, too! Quite popular during our time!

  8. I always sang this song during karaoke time hehehe with matching dance. LOL

  9. I remember singing this when I was a little girl hehe! Nakaka-lss naman talaga. Thanks for dropping by my site.

  10. parang grade school pa ako ng lumabas ito? eheheh

  11. well, i can perfectly sing this song and that also an indication that this song is our generation.. borderline….im having lss

  12. “borderline… feels like I’m going to lose my mind.” – one of my favorites! :D

  13. wow! this is SO… CLASSIC!

  14. hi Pepper! thanks for your interest in Sweet Saturday. Of course, you may join. Just share about times spent together with your sweetheart or boyfriend. The first post and linky is up. Hope you can join.
    have great sunday :D

  15. when this first came out in the 80’s, i thought Madonna was the coolest person on earth. i wanna be her. she’s still the coolest, IMO. she’s in her 50’s but look at her fit body. even I can’t compete with that. i still wanna be her though, kahit yun arms lang.

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  16. mommy jes says

    aw girls talk namiss ko to ah…hmmm bakit nakakalimutan ko to?? :D

    nweis ayus n ang inlinkz ko :D hehehehe

  17. Hi Pepper! Here I am again but for the GT meme this time, notice I am using a different blog now. :D It’s been so long since I last heard this! My mom used to listen to radio stations that plays 80s song during my nap times. I still remember song of the songs then, mostly love songs.

    I’m sorry for the super late blog-hopping. Here is my Girls Talk LSS entry: Rainbow Connection by Johnoy Danao

  18. so that’s the title of the song. LOL. i always hear this on breaks inside the movie theater when i was little (my dad used to be a projectionist in one of the old cinemas in bulacan). wow. what a memory rush.

    oh, and welcome to GT! i’m your (usually late) host :)

    hope to see you often from now on!

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