Give Your Home A New Lease On Life On A Budget


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When your home gets tired and drab, it can be easy to fall out of love with it. We like our homes to feel clean, modern, and well-kept, but when we’re living on a budget, it can be tricky to give them the lease of life they deserve. Well, don’t despair, it’s totally possible to make your home feel as good as new, without breaking the bank.


Let the light in

Dark and dingy spaces can really drag us down and don’t exactly contribute to a home feeling particularly homely. For bright, energy-giving room, the natural light needs to find its way in. Clean windows, white window surrounds, and light curtains are the best way to invite light in, but if you’ve got small windows, it might need a helping hand. Using mirrors tactically placed around the room really help to boost the natural light in the room, and help to make the space look bigger as a bonus.


Don’t redecorate, accessorize

Rather than stripping the whole room back and starting from scratch, think about what you can add to the space to bring more light and energy. Fake flowers, brightly colored curtains, patterned fabrics, and glass ornaments help to bring some fun to the room and make it feel like it’s got a new lease of life. And they don’t have to cost the earth. Check out websites such as Everything 5 Pounds discount codes and see what bargains you could fill your home with to bring it up to date.


Make money from your unwanted things

If you’re planning on scrapping anything, even old electronic items, make sure you get some money back for it – every little helps to go towards the new items you want to bring in. Sell things on eBay, or even repurpose or upcycle old unwanted furniture to sell on Etsy, it depends on how creative you want to be.


Repurpose old furniture

Speaking of upcycling, rather than selling or disposing of old furniture, why not turn it into something you’d actually like to own? With old seating or couch cushions, reupholstering them in bright new fabrics can make it feel brand new. With old tables, wooden sideboards, or hardwood chairs, all it takes is a sander and then a lick of paint or varnish, and the result looks like you spent some serious money on new rustic furniture, but it only cost pennies in reality.


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Give it a lick of paint

Replastering and wallpaper a home can be really costly, so if you think your walls need refreshing, it’s best to look at the paint options. Going for bright neutral colors can really help to open a room up, while giving it a modern feel in the process. Keeping it neutral makes it so much easier to accessorize with your favorite colors, and it makes touching up imperfections a whole lot easier too. If you want to create a fun focal point, a bright feature wall can really help to add depth and dimension to a room.


Giving your home a new lease of life doesn’t have to cost the earth, it’s just about smart spending and planning.


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