Give Your Man Some NFL Love

Like a moth to a flame, men are helplessly drawn to sports.  Interrupt them while they’re watching the game, and you’re setting the stage for World War 3.  Be prepared to duck, for the verbal ammunition can be highly devastating.

Now, there’s a way to get them to snuggle up with you in bed as they keep their eyes glued to the NFL game on TV.  Get them one of those nfl bedding sets.  The first time I saw these bedding sets, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.  They’re just downright cute!

If I had a husband, I’m sure he’d hug me so tight if I got him this Green Bay Packers beddings set I saw on the internet.  The whole ensemble consists of a comforter, pillow cases, a bedskirt.   They stay true to the team’s colors, and carry the officially licensed team name and logo.   They even come with matching drapes!  How awesome is that?

What I like about the sheet sets is that they are made of an ultra-fine weave that is much softer and more comfortable than cotton.  It feels silky, warm and is breathable.  The material is resistant to wrinkles and it’s safe to wash in the washing machine.

Men will always love sports.  Give your man anything even remotely resembling that, and you’ve found the key to his heart.

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  1. Oh this bedding set is just so cute! I love green!

  2. I think a young boy or teen would just love this! Great find Pepper.

  3. Carla Barilá Karam says

    Pepper… too cute. I love my husband… however not enough to make my bedroom look like a football stadium! LOL! I am laughing right now. (not meant to offend you at all- except my husband would probably love to have our room look like the Dallas Cowboys locker room… it’s just that I honestly love my pretty room) However… I would totally get it for my sons or nephews! :) oh boy- hope I didn’t offend, because I am lovingly laughing at myself more than anything) and I wanted to share this with you… our battle of the bedroom decor… we did however come to the agreement that there wouldn’t be any girly-girl type of flowers… so I compromised. :) as he did with his Cowboys. Grace, peace and blessings, Carla

  4. I fortunately have been gifted with a man that shows zero interest in the NFL and basketball, etc. He would die if I were to buy him a set like that. A mini-ramp to skateboard in the back yard? That’s what he wants.

  5. The Detox Diva says

    Yeah, I don’t know about doing this for my husband, (not in MY bedroom!) but it would be perfect for a boy or a young man!

  6. I’ve been blesses with a Hubby who’s not a NFL fan–that goodness because the Bills do NOTHING but loose the big one anyway– but I still don’t see turning our room into this–maybe his man cave, but not the bedroom =}

  7. My boyf’s athletic, but fortunately for me, he isn’t a die-hard fan of any sporting teams.. :D Still, I think he’ll love something like this, especially of his fave team.

  8. I’m sure any boy who’s into NFL will love this bedding! It’s one of the many ways to incorporate one’s love for sports.

    Don’t worry, one day God will bless you with a man who will love you with all his heart. I know it’s not easy raising your kid alone. Kaya saludo ako sa mga single moms na gaya mo. Be strong! :)

  9. I have to admit, it looks nice!

  10. Thank heavens my husband is not overly drawn to sports… but that does not mean he is not drawn to other things! I keep trying to convince him he should like chocolate more… still a work in progress!

  11. My husband loves sports, too, especially boxing and wrestling. And you’re right about interrupting them and a word war ensuing. LOL.

  12. cute but good thing my bf is not a fan. he’ll probably hug me if i give him an NBA version lol :P

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  13. wow… nice bed set. if my boyfriend is here in Phil, I’ll give him that. its our 14th monthsary today!

  14. You just gave me an idea for a gift to my husband. Awesome!

  15. This looks so cool! Now my only concern is…a boyfriend to give these sheets to. =)

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