GT: A Gorgeous Orange Camera

On a recent trip to Boracay with a friend, I have to admit that I was green with envy at the camera she brought along. It was a 12.1-megapixel Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 Orange digital camera. The striking orange exterior is enough to make anybody take a second, or even third look. At the risk of sounding like those TV infomercials, I will just have to say…”But wait, there’s more!” This orange camera is shockproof, waterproof, dustproof and freezeproof.

I, for one, am not a gadget-geek, so to speak, but this camera definitely made me drool. What I liked about it was, we were able to take pictures of our kids underwater! Now, doesn’t that simply spell amazing? And because it’s durable, I wouldn’t worry about my daughter dropping it.

This is something I will totally save up for (with my blogging earnings, what else :)). It will be a gadget good enough to preserve memories of fun times spent with my daughter.

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  1. Hello, kawatan-proof pud ba ni? hehehe… Salamat dear for dropping by.. seems like I’m Ok now. kay di nako sakit ulo magblog hop lol….

  2. I heard raves about this baby though this is the first time I saw a photo of it :) Great gear!

  3. hi! visiting back from GT! anyway, ang ganda ng color pati spec, nice pick sis!

  4. scarlet's walk says

    hi! thanks for dropping by my blog.

    oh. that color alone is simply striking. and the fact that it can take pictures under water makes it even more amazing.

  5. ayusa oi! gusto pud kog gamay aron di kaau obvious ug nice jud ang mga -proof niya b. naa sya in violet? lol ug tumpak si vernz, naa pud ba thief-proof? nyahahah….gusto pud sa akong bana ang panasonic, mas nindot daw nga point and shoot. hulat na lang mig thanksgiving para ana…added your badge and link in my blogroll!!!

  6. one cool stuff you got there.. hope you get it, girl!

    mine’s HERE by the way..

  7. I also own an orange polaroid camera and its cute! hope you can the techie stuff you want!

    Hope you can visit me back..


    Psychotic Thoughts

  8. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Checking in to read your entry. Nice choice. That orange Lumix is definitely a dream gadget! I hope you finally get it. ;-)

  9. Gusto ko rin ng underwater cam. But now, I’m on “kuripot” mode, hehehe! Next time nalang. I’ll put it under wish list like everything else.

    Thanks for visiting me over my meme blog re GT’s entry this week.

    Btw, I grabbed your badge and placed it over my main blog here. Hope you grab mine too.

  10. hi there ^__^ thanks so much for dropping by my blog.

    I’ve been reading a lot of GTs regarding cameras… but I’m impressed with this one. Heard that lumix is a good brand. :) I like it’s design too… Would really make you turn for a second look.

    Have a nice week end :)

  11. when i was looking for reviews on camera before, lumix usually comes up with a good review. too bad they are not as popular here in the Phils. Here’s to praying you’ll get this gadget this year! Thanks for visiting my site.

  12. Hazelicious says

    It’s really a cute camera. I think everybody loves photography. Lots and lots of gadgets are in the market. Hope you get what you want. Thanks for visiting!

  13. awesome gadget to die for indeed. nice pick. :-)

  14. wow, really nice. I love the color too! Thanks for the visit.

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  15. maganda pala ito for underwater shot. mahal ba ito? tamad ako mag-research. hihi

  16. love the color

    Visiting you thru the Bloggers Exchange Program, enjoy your weekend!
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  17. wow! that was awesome!. To think of its durability compared to nowadays gadgets. that worth a penny.. hope you can have your own asap.. Happy GT..

  18. Tyson F. Gautreaux says

    Might Check this out. Thanks in advance.

  19. Panasonic Lumix cameras are really good ones, and this is a good choice! :)
    Dropping by from GT, thanks for visiting! :)

  20. I have an orange camera too but is not Lumix. :) Great choice!

    thanks for checking out my entry.

  21. Wow magkano naman kaya ito? wahhh baka sobrang expensive naman thanks for the comment.

  22. Cool color choice sis! I love it!

  23. Nice! My friend had her wedding in Boracay a few years ago. It was beautiful with the setting sun as they said their I DOs. A great way to share your memories all in one place, all those precious ones you’ve taken with your daughter, is through Kinzin. I would know, I work for the company! Also a great place to print photos or create photobooks or calendars. The memories will last a lifetime :)

  24. Beauty Queen Gene says

    first let me comment on the fact that you dear, are a very masipag visitor. you have visited all entries i have just visited! you girl, are another candidate for a GT host. hee hee.

    on the camera, wow. that’s a lovely orange color! i’m in love! add idiot-proof to the list of features and i’ll ditch my GF2 dream for that baby. LOL.

    love your entry, and love the effort that you’re showing for GT :)

    i’m your latest follower, by the way :)

  25. That’s so cool. I will by a new one of the same color!

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