Hair Makeover Hack: Hair Extensions

When a woman does something pretty drastic to her hair, people are quick to assume that she has just recently gone through a terrible, life-changing event. Sure, you take it out on your tresses when Mr. Right all of a sudden turns into Mr. Scum, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you simply want to shake things up by changing the way you look. And how easier can it be to do that, than by doing something different to your hair?
Gone are the days when your only options for a hairstyle change were chopping your virgin hair off, coloring it all red, or getting a frizzy perm- or doing all of the above all at the same time!
Now you can turn to human hair extensions for help. They’re made of natural human hair, so they’re as close to the real thing as possible.  They come in different colors, lengths, and textures- straight or wavy. You can finally make changes to your hair, and not be stuck with a bad hairstyle for what seems like eternity.
There are a lot of clip in hair extensions to choose from, whether you’re going out on a fancy date, or simply having casual brunch with a few friends. This one looks really sexy yet classy:
Tape in hair extensions should do the trick when you want to change your look in an instant.  This one in light golden brown is simply stunning.
So the next time somebody breaks your heart and leaves you wanting to shave your head, think again. Get a hair extension instead, and look like the goddess you were meant to be.

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