Harmless Pranks You Can Do to Your Non-Geeky Friends

It’s almost the end of the year, yet the news cycle doesn’t seem to slow down. Bitcoin surged past the $12,000 ceiling, the US announced its plan to move its embassy to Jerusalem, and the Emir’s busy schedules bring us more news on a daily basis. It is probably a good idea to take a break from all of that, don’t you agree?

Pranks and tricks are among the best ways to have fun with friends. Some pranks are harmless and purely fun; these are the pranks you want to try to unwind. Here are the best, harmless pranks you can do to your non-geeky friends.

VNC Remote Control

Most computers can be controlled remotely out of the box. The remote-control feature is designed to enable remote support and other services, particularly to help those who are non-technical in solving their computer problems. There are also third-party solutions for controlling PCs remotely, with VNC being one of the best – and free – alternative to use.

You can install VNC on your friends’ computer quietly. The next time they come around to use the PC, you can activate remote control and start pranking them. Try not to laugh as you see the face of your confused friends when they see the mouse pointer moves on its own.

Use Net Send

Sticking with Windows/PC-based pranks, there is another built-in command that is useful for pranking. That command is Net Send. The command, as you would’ve already guessed, is there to enable sending messages to other computers in the same network. You only need to know the recipient’s computer name or IP address to send a message.

For the prank to work, change the name of your computer first. Change it to something like “Ministry of Interior” or “Microsoft”, and then send a message to scare your friend. You need to type “net send [computer name or IP address] [message]” into your Command window and hit Enter to send the message.

Prank Calls

Do you know that there are websites that let you prank-call your friends in a few clicks? White Summary published a great list of prank dialer websites you can use to prank-call your friends easily. Using any of these websites, you can schedule a prank call with your own message.

These websites use text-to-speech to convert your message into speech. Keep in mind that not all of the voices are natural, so you might want to take that into account when setting the prank call. I’d go with something like a wake-up call or a notification from the credit card company.

IOS Dictionary Shortcuts

The last prank on our list involves swapping some words in the iOS Dictionary shortcuts. Swap a frequently used word with something absurd or funny; try to avoid getting too obscene if you can. The next time your friend types that word, iOS Dictionary will automatically replace the word. This can get very funny, very quickly.

These are all simple pranks to try. The year-end office party is just around the corner, which means now is the perfect time to put these pranks to good use.

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