High Tech Kitchens Of The Future

What’s in store for the kitchen of tomorrow? There’s no knowing for certain what the appliances will look like in 30 years, what functions will come as standard or how they will work, but as a guide, it might be worth looking at a modern-day Washing Machine found at appliances direct, as they seem pretty futuristic. You can buy self-serviceable appliances such as washing machines which can fix themselves, wash delicate materials and do a full cycle in half an hour.  But what else can you expect to get from smart appliances today?

One of the outstanding features that just about every smart appliance has is energy efficiency. The majority of smart appliances on the market today have a high energy efficiency rating and with good reason. Washing machines, fridge freezers and dishwashers that come with those ratings use less water while doing a similar or improved job compared to that of earlier appliances. Perhaps more importantly, smart appliances use less electricity by not wasting as much as older appliances did.

Aside from intelligent energy use, smart appliances come equipped with a number of innovative features and functions which set them apart from their more basic equivalents. For example, if you look at a modern-day smart fridge freezer, you should expect to find a drinks dispenser, ice dispenser and salad crisper, as well as specific compartments for fruit and meat where you can control the temperature so that they’re at the appropriate level.  However, some smart fridge freezers do even more, and future hi-tech appliances will do even more.

One such example of a future appliance that does more that you would expect from a humble kitchen appliance is a new smart fridge freezer from Korean electronics firm Samsung. They are set to bring out a new model which comes equipped with a touch screen that, aside from controlling the temperature of both the refrigerator and freezer compartments, lets you access recipes, write notes and even look for weather updates. Meanwhile, other future appliances will help users find out if they’re running low on certain items of food or drink like milk, eggs or cold meats, which is incredibly useful.

If you think the kitchen technology of today is amazing, who knows what could happen? You could find that, in as little as five years from now, you could buy appliances that run on wireless electricity, fridges with full internet connectivity and a screen big enough for you to watch TV on. The possibilities are pretty much endless, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the features and ease of use that come with smart appliances today.

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  1. How I wish ma-enjoy ko pa ang mga kitchen fixtures 30 years from now..LOL

  2. When we go to home shows, because we will be building a new house hopefully next year. There is all this high quality stuff, looks like out of this world kitchen. I want a nice down to earth kitchen, dont like high end things!

    • With your talent in whipping up treats, you don’t need a high end kitchen :). Even in the woods, I’m sure you can still bake.

  3. I so would love a kitchen of the future. We are slowly remodeling our kitchen. First the appliances, because they keep dying. I have a plan, we’ll take some time. Thanks for the info!

  4. I don’t really spend a lot of time in our kitchen, but if we have hi-tech appliances, I think I’d be more enticed to do more cooking.. :D

  5. The first time I saw fridges with wifi connection I was so amazed! Technology never ceases to amaze me. :)

  6. I’ve seen this concept once wherein all the equipment inside one’s home can be made to function by just one touch… and it was just so awesome!!! …but it also terrifies me how it could then entice us to be more and more lazy. HAHA! Nonetheless, this is one cool fridge!

  7. well I do like a HIGH END kitchen– I just don’t see the point in putting one in my house now -Its NOT our FOREVER home-so don’t want to waste the $$ =)

  8. I was thinking about your question, but couldn’t up with any answer! I have absolutely no fantasy when it comes to kitchens. The only thing I could come up with was perhaps a talking fridge?

  9. I don’t know about the kitchens of tomorrow, but I sure would love a Wolf stove today! Ohhhh…. kitchen envy!

  10. In the future, all appliances will be voice activated already ; p


  11. if my kitchen is this hightech, i guess id be inspired to cook :) haha!

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  12. If it’s high quality that’s one thing, but there always seems to be the risk of spending a lot of money on something new before they get the kinks out, and even with a warranty that can be a hassle. I guess in short, I’m scared to buy new high-tech items until they’ve been proven to last (and by then, of course, they’re outdated).

    The sample picture you have on top is awesome. I like to look at the newer items sometimes. It is amazing how far things have come, that’s for sure.

  13. A fridge with a TV would be cool! We just got an energy-efficient washer. The jury is still out on whether or not it gets the clothes as clean. I know everyone loves them. We’ll see! So far I’m diggin’ it!

  14. It would be so awesome to have a fridge that wrote a shopping list based on what is low, so awesome. And then if the stove and oven could just cook it all too somehow :)

  15. Every year, gadgets and appliances are becoming smarter indeed. Who knows, in the future, we don’t have to move in the kitchen and all of the appliances will do the cooking and cleaning for us.

  16. I’m eagerly waiting for the day, where I will own a refrigerator, that will restock itself with the push of a button…just like in the “Jetsons” (Oh gosh…I think I just showed my age). The appliances today are amazing compared to those that I grew up using. If it weren’t for cost, I would update my kitchen every time a new technology came out!

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