Home Safety Hazards and How To Avoid Them

Home Safety Hazards And How To Avoid Them


Your home is a shelter, a refuge, a cozy place for you and your family. The most essential and key component to creating a warm and cozy home is most certainly – safety. For raising the level of safety in your home, you will have to take precautions against certain safety hazards that lay hidden around your house or apartment. So, get your tools ready and fix these common home safety hazards.

Bathroom Accidents

A bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, but with lots of hazards. Actually, most accidents happen here, making it the most dangerous place in the house. There are risks of slipping and falling while showering, bathing and getting out of the shower or tub. To decrease the risks of getting hurt here, place a bath rug or mat on the floor, and install supports like grab bars. Also, if you keep medications and prescription narcotics in the bathroom, add a medicine cabinet to keep them locked, keeping them out of others reach. Install safety latches or locks on cupboards with toiletries or medications.


A cause of accidental house fire may be anything from a lit candle to an unattended iron or power cord. But, there are also lots of ways to prevent fire hazards, like installing a fire alarm. If you decide to do this, make sure you install them on all house levels and make sure that the batteries are not empty. Never leave candles and other small open-fire heat sources near the drapes, or other types of cloths. Make sure that all electric appliances work properly and the power cords are not twisted or pinched by pieces of furniture. Fix your wall plates, and avoid using cube taps and other outlet-stretching devices so to avoid overloading the electrical outlets. Unplug small appliances that you are not using that often. Keep an emergency fire fighting unit on every level, in case of fire hazard.

Sharp Objects

There are many sharp objects inside your home that can accidentally harm someone. Minimize the risks by properly storing all the knives and other sharp objects that are kept in the kitchen. Also, store the objects outside your house – lawn mowers, saws, weed whackers and rakes – because they all present a potential cutting threat. When you use these tools, make sure you are free from any distractions and handle them carefully. After use, clean the tools and lock them in your garage or yard shed, so small children cannot stumble across them and get hurt.

Chemicals & Paints

Chemicals such as household cleaners should be kept in a locked cupboard or a pantry, out of kids’ reach. Place other chemicals, like turpentine or pesticides, in there too. If you have re-painted your interior, keep the paint also out of reach of children. Pour the paint out of the container that it came in into another, more neutral. Paint canisters have colorful designs, so small children may easily mistake it for a drink.

Carbon Monoxide Hazards

Carbon monoxide is known as the “silent killer”. It cannot be detected by sight, sound or smell, and that is what makes it so dangerous and threatening. Install a carbon monoxide detector which will keep you safe by alerting you of high carbon monoxide levels in your home.


Choking accidents are mostly related to children. Small, hard foods like nuts, and small toys may block breathing ways. To reduce choking hazards, see if there are small toys scattered somewhere around the floor. Check your child’s toys for any loose parts, and for other small items under rugs, carpets and furniture. Small hard foods, like nuts and hard candy, should be kept out of reach of children.

Accidents happen, and keeping a high level of safety is a non-stop job. However, taking these precautions is important because you do not spend all your time and home, on duty. You and your family would be safer with a monitored security system which offers remote access. In that way, you can check your house anytime, from anywhere.


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