How Balls Make My Job Easier

My job as a library professional is hardly a bed of roses.  As much as I’d like to just sit in front of the computer all day, that’s simply not how things go at my workplace.  I have to do an Olivia Newton John and get physical at times.   This means that I have to get up on my feet and do some book-shelving.  Pushing those book trolleys/carts is no easy feat, so I suggested to my boss that we replace some of the ball bearings/casters under our library carts.

Large casters generally carry a higher weight load than smaller ones. However, you don’t always have the option of using larger casters due to the height they add to the fixture. When you need something to carry a lot of weight without adding any height, choose low profile casters from Access Casters.

Ball Bearing Construction.  Low profile casters at feature dual ball bearing construction for smooth use and easy rolling. They aren’t prone to jamming, and they will roll smoothly across level surfaces because of their high quality construction.

Versatile Options. The casters come with several different options, so you can customize them to suit your needs. Select two-inch casters than can handle up to 300 pounds, or three-inch casters for larger loads of up to 1000 pounds. They are available with plate mounts and stem, and you can choose swiveling plates for versatility. Invest in side lock brakes to lock the fixture in place, including durable sure-lok brakes and thumb screw brakes.

Versatile uses Low profile casters are perfect for vending machines, copiers, business machines, computer storage units, refrigerated displays and more. They allow you to easily move even heavy fixtures without damaging the fixture, chipping the floor or harming your back.

Representatives at Access Casters can help you determine which ones are right for your needs. They are standing by to provide you with a quote, and they can answer any questions you have about the different options. Call them today and discover how low-profile casters are the right choice for your business fixtures.

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  1. This is the first time I’m hearing about your profession, Pepper! :)

  2. you’re a librarian? wow! my aunt was a librarian, she retired two years ago. she wanted me to be a librarian but i’m not the type who can sit quietly for more than an hour.

  3. I would love to be surrounded by books all day! But I do understand just how hard it can be, especially as how much I do notice people throwing books all over the place at the library! Thanks for sharing this. It helps us to realize what others go through in their profession.

  4. It’s interesting to know about casters here. They surely are useful to you :)

  5. Angelina says

    Geez, I guess I did have the wrong impression of librarians! Cute title, by the way–piqued my interest! My daughters would say, “Very ‘punny'”, ha!

  6. Karen Dawkins says

    I had no idea you are a librarian. We have two professional “books” lovers in our family. I think it’s a fascinating job! :)

  7. It is amazing how things can be made easier with casters. I couldn’t imagine pushing a heavy cart load of books around the library everyday.

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