How to Care For Your Outdoor Furniture

Spending too much time indoors does cramp your style, and sometimes you just feel the aching urge to stay outdoors and get a little sun on your cheeks.  As the fresh air beckons you to sip a margarita as you read your favorite magazine out on the patio, don’t forget to pay special attention to your outdoor wood furniture.  Here are some tips on how to care for them:

Sunlight can damage your precious outdoor wood furniture, so be sure to keep them away from where the sunlight may directly hit them.  You can put the furniture under the shade of a tree, or beneath a large patio umbrella.

If you live in a wet or humid area, use waterproof covers to keep your furniture dry.  When water gets into the wood, the wood grains break down and cracks begin to show.  But if you live in a particularly dry place, you must apply a product on your wooden furniture which will help it retain moisture.   Natural oil like teak oil will condition your wooden furniture on the inside and let it live in dry weather for a longer time.

Try and wash your outdoor furniture with a wood cleaner twice or thrice a year.  Dirt, dust and pollen can take their toll on your tables and chairs.  When dirt and grime get stuck in the finish, the wood can break down

Occasionally tighten the screws on your furniture pieces.  Frequent use tends to loosen hardware.

Remember to do a regular upkeep of your wood patio furniture.  When things get desperate, you can always call the experts at furniture restoration to do the job.  When these folks refinish or restore outdoor furniture, they mean business.  Your precious wood patio furniture deserves no less.

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  2. It’s very easy to get behind on that. Our outdoor furniture just bakes in the sun, so we have to protect it, or it’s gone.

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  3. Lizzie (Pretty/Ugly) says

    Thank you for these tips. We kinda ruined our outdoor furniture when we moved to the desert. I should have read an article like yours a year ago. :)

  4. These are good tips. We have to redo our Adirondack chairs every year because they lose color from the sun.

  5. Clarkmartin says

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