How to Carry Out a Paternity Test

Wondering who the daddy is? You are definitely not alone. Tens of thousands of paternity tests are done years in the USA alone. DNA Paternity testing is the most accurate and scientific way of determining who the father of a baby is.

Buying a paternity test

You today no longer need to go to a clinic or hospital to have a DNA test carried out. In line with changes in today’s consumer market, most people are buying paternity tests online where some of the leading laboratories and companies providing these types of tests operate. Once you have selected the company you wish to carry out your test and made your payment, you will be sent a home sample collection kit. All companies provide this kit and the kit does not vary very much from one company to the next. If you thought that the sample required might be blood samples, think again.

DNA has progressed so much that nowadays all you need to do is rub an oral swab inside the mouth and under the tongue to collect the DNA sufficient for a test. The kit will in fact contain oral swabs. You will also find a few basic precautions (such as not eating, drinking or smoking for one hour prior to collecting your samples) as well as the instructions: rub swabs for ten seconds under the tongue and then allow to dry. This method of sample collection is quick and painless and can easily be done by anybody. Once you have collected DNA samples for the alleged father and the child you can then just send them to the lab for testing.

Paternity test results

The results of a paternity test are extremely accurate. Rest assured that any doubts you had will be whipped away. If the alleged father is the biological father of the child, the result will express a percentage probability of paternity above 99.9%. If on the other hand, the alleged father is not the biological father of the child, the probability of paternity will be 0%.

Most paternity test companies base their analysis on a 16 genetic marker profile. This means they analyze 16 individual markers on the DNA profile of the father and that of the child. The biological child of a male will inherit all 16 of his or her genetic markers from her biological father – this means that paternity can only be confirmed if there is an exact match between the DNA profile of the child and of the father. To get more information about how paternity testing companies operate, click here.

Pregnant and need a paternity test?

Paternity testing during pregnancy or prenatal paternity testing used to be a risky business. It required the mother to undergo procedures such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling, in order to get samples of the baby’s DNA from inside the womb. Besides the risk of miscarriage and injury to the baby, there was the added problem of the rapidity with which the samples collected (amniotic fluid with amniocentesis and a tissue sample with chorionic villus sampling) disintegrated. Nowadays, scientists have been able to extract fetal DNA from samples of maternal blood – a revolutionary DNA paternity test that has zero percent risk and can be done with accuracy at just ten weeks.


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  1. Hi, Pepper. I know someone who needs paternity testing done to his child. Hahaha. Makes me wonder how she can’t be sure. Great info. :)

  2. That’s good for women and bad for men who wants to run away from their obligation.

  3. Escape Manila says

    I think this is common in the states as it is a right of the father to know if indeed the child is his. Just wondering if the mother herself requested for it though, must be poly. Hahahah

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    I really like this innovation in the medical field. They made the tests more convenient and less scary. :D

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