How to Celebrate Halloween on a Budget

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Your worst nightmare would probably be the Grim Reaper wreaking havoc on your budget.  Trying to make ends meet is hard enough, but if you have kids who look forward to Halloween with wide-eyed excitement, you may find yourself struggling to stretch your already floss-thin budget to just accommodate their holiday whim.  Giving in to your kids’ trick or treating fantasies doesn’t necessarily have to burn a hole in your wallet.  Here are a few un-ghastly and cheap ways to celebrate Halloween.

Watch a Halloween flick.  There are tons of good Halloween movies for kids.   It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and The Nightmare Before Christmas.are just a few movies which kids young and old are sure to enjoy.

Read bedtime stories.  You can start building the anticipation of Halloween by reading Halloween stories at bedtime.  To add to the horrific effect, you can read them by candlelight or with a flashlight in hand.  Ask your local library for Halloween reading suggestions.  For the older kids, you can read Goosebumps or Bunnicula to them.

DIY and Recycle.  A little creativity does go a long way.  Rummage through your closet to find ordinary wardrobe items which you can transform into nightmarish outfits. You can get a plain, old white shirt, for example, make holes in it, dye it a little bit, and you’ve got a top perfect for a zombie.  Pair a striped t-shirt with a pair of cut-off jeans, fashion a makeshift eye patch with some cloth swatches, and you’re good to go as a pirate.

Join forces with friends.  When it comes to buying treats to hand out to candy-starved kids, you can go to the store with your neighbors and split the cost of buying candies in bulk.  Shopping for wholesale items will definitely cost you a lot less.

Hard times call for penny-pinching measures.  With these budget-friendly Halloween celebration alternatives, you can still afford to enjoy the season without worrying about blowing your entire savings.  Don’t be surprised if your kids give you a mom or dad of the year award, because thanks to you, they’ll sure have a Halloween they won’t soon forget.



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  1. We celebrate an advance Halloween party and re-use costumes from years past, that way we could avoid buying costumes!

  2. good advices. Here, halloween is not yet that big. They have started celebrating it in schools but still, not many children really looks forward to it. I echo on the reusing and recycling. There are really a lot of things to use around the house to make costumes for halloween… there’s no need to spend good money on buying customes :)

    Spanish Pinay

  3. There are good tips. My favorite is sharing candy costs w/a friend to get the big bulk bags of candy for a lot less than you’d get it for going solo (those are getting pretty darn expensive!).

  4. Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms says

    There are tons of DIY halloween costumes for those on a budget :) Thanks for the suggestions, though! I actually wasn’t able to take the kiddo on our annual trick or treat since I had a toe infection that prevented me from walking a lot.

    • Oooh, a toe infection! Nothing can get more Halloween-y than that! :). I hope your toe’s well now?

      • Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms says

        Yes the toe is fine now, but it was bad for about a week. Anyway, I still owe the kiddo a Halloween thinga-majiggy.

        Did you get my email containing my phone number? :) Game na! I’m excited to meet you (plus I can make green scrambled eggs now).

        • No, I’m afraid I didn’t get that email. Please send it again.
          Wow green scrambled eggs? That I have to see ;)

  5. Since my kids will have a long vacation next week, I’ll take this halloween activities in mind! It will surely keep us occupied in a fun way. Nice post!

  6. Well tips,We celebrate an advance Halloween party and re-use costumes from years past, that way we could avoid buying costumes! Thank you so much

  7. in addition to watching halloween flicks, you can also watch Maganda Gabi Bayan All Souls’ Day Special rerun on YouTube. :)

  8. I have never really tried celebrating halloween. I hope this time, I could join my friend to celebrate it at their house together with her kids. I hope…

  9. We don’t usually celebrate the Halloween because daughter is scared of the displays, she took the fun of planning that one for me. But these are great tips especially to kids who love the not so scary factor of Halloween. Personally I love to scare myself and I plan to watch a horror flick with hubby and is currently reading a horror themed book.

  10. those are nifty tips for celebrating Halloween on a shoestring. i must admit i splurge a bit on my little one’s costume this year, but i guess it was all worth it, since this is his first time to wear a costume + he did enjoy it a lot! anyway, i bought a costume one size bigger in hopes that we can use it again next year ;)

  11. Rovie @ Street Smart says

    We actually miss the Halloween fun this year to my little girls hospital vacation. We hope to enjoy the season next year :)

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