How to Create a Comic Book With Your Kids

Drawing and telling stories are among the best activities that help children be creative. They are also fun activities to share with the kids. The combination often leads to hours of fun and full of laughter along with many great pictures – even a comic strip – to share with relatives and close friends.

You can make drawing a comic book an activity that you share with the kids frequently. Kids will enjoy the process of making a comic book. To help you get started, we are going to review the steps and some of the best tips on how to create a comic book with your kids.

Start with an Idea

Every comic book or a comic strip needs a story. Since this is an activity you’re sharing with the children, you want the idea to come from them. Your job is to assist them in developing that story. Let the kids go wild with their imagination and simply capture important pointers that will help them stick to the story later.

The idea for a comic book can come from anywhere. My son once drew a comic strip about our superhero dog saving the neighbor. Your children will certainly have plenty of ideas; sometimes, they only need the right questions – and some help – to get those ideas out.

Create the Characters

At this point, you can start drawing characters. Don’t worry about panels or stories just yet. Let the kids draw characters of their story in any way they like. You’ll be amazed by how creative children can be when defining their characters.

You and the children can also add notes to the drawings. Talk about the characters’ traits and other details, and simply add those notes to the drawing. The will make developing the comic much easier as well.

The First Strip

Creating a comic book right away can be pretty daunting; you want the activity to remain light and fun so that the kids don’t end up feeling bored by the complex tasks. If the children are eager to start with their first comic, go with a comic strip and turn a snippet of the story – preferably a funny one – into a comic.

There is another great way to simplify the process, and that is by using web tools like Since the available web tools are interactive, kids will love playing with them. Again, prepare to be amazed by the comics they come up with.

Take It to the Next Level

The comic book is for your children to develop, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take what they make to the next level. Turning the characters they drew into high-fidelity cartoons that you can animate on the computer, for example, will put a big smile on their face.

It will not be long before the kids become more engaged with creating stories and crafting comic books based on them. As I said earlier, it is a fantastic activity to share with the children and a great way to encourage them to be more creative.

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