How to Dress Appropriately

It is becoming more confusing than ever to dress for special occasions. With the popularity of destination weddings, there are many more invitations going out with specific dress requirements. Although this was customary long ago, most of us today don’t know exactly what each type of dress requires.


Casual attire is the simplest and most affordable to pull off. Most people have everything they need in their closet already. Casual is often requested for picnic style lunches and dinners as well as more solemn occasions such as weddings on the beach. Jeans, t-shirts, and shorts are acceptable for both men and women in these situations. Look for fashions like Old Navy or Elan clothing from local retailers or online sites such as Sedona East. Children can wear there play clothes, and teens can come in their everyday styles.

Dressy Casual

Dressy Casual is one step above casual, but it doesn’t need to be overly formal. Men will want to wear dress pants or khakis with a collared dress shirt. Neck ties are optional. Women could choose a nice blouse and skirt, a simple dress, or an elegant pants suit. Children and teens should dress similarly with dresses for the girls and a nice pair of pants and a collared shirt for the boys.


Semi-formal events will require the men to wear a three piece suit. Women will want to choose a cocktail dress or long gown for the evening. High heeled shoes and appropriate jewelry is expected. Both men and women will want to pick darker colors such as black and gray. Children are not often invited to formal affairs, but if they do attend, you will want the girls in fancier dresses and the boys in suit sets.

Formal Attire

Evening events that request formal attire require a tuxedo for the men and evening gowns for the women. Children are rarely invited to these upscale gatherings. This is the time to choose the nicest pieces of jewelry such as pearls and diamonds. All accessories should coordinate, and they need to give the impression of high fashion. Hair is often worn up.

You will always be dressed appropriately if you follow these basic guide lines. Today’s latest styles and trends can be incorporated into any look for a modern feel, but most importantly, pick clothing that you feel comfortable in.

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