How to Educate Your Kid About Litter and Waste

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If your little one is old enough (think school-age) to understand the important aspect of environmental care and all its aspects, you will do well to educate them about litter and waste.

Children are very receptive when it comes to all things related to nature, and even waste clearance as a whole. It should be every parent’s mission to contribute to his or her kid’s knowledge on how to maintain a green lifestyle. Here is what you should consider:

  • Make kids aware – with all of the rubbish removal going on at your home and school, your little ones have likely grasped the basic idea that waste needs to be transported away in a specialised manner. Sharing the idea that the country should be kept clean is a simple enough concept, which your kids should embrace at young age. Proper waste disposal and no littering should be lessons to teach them whenever possible. Be there with them on waste clearance day, and explain the process to them. It is sure that your kids will be fascinated with everything and will soak up any information like sponges.
  • Talk with them – keep your children informed and discuss the topic whenever possible. For instance, when you are walking in the park and you see a piece of rubbish not in the bin, engage in a conversion about whether or not it should be there, does it make the park pretty, how it can be avoided, etc. Asking such questions can help you create a resourceful dialogue with your kids, during which they can learn a whole lot about waste and litter.
  • Share the downsides of litter – we are all aware how plastic affects the environment and all of the negative side effects it has. Surely your little ones won’t be able to grasp all of that, but they will understand when you tell them that litter is responsible for the death of the beautiful swans and the playful ducks. They will be aware of the negatives and will surely ask you how it can all be avoided.
  • Introduce the concept of recycling – recycling is one of the pillars upon which sustainable living rests. Recycling means conserving energy and materials, which would otherwise be lost. It takes many forms, in many of which children can actually participate. For instance, you can show them how to separate plastic, glass and paper to the respective bins. In addition, you can help reuse various materials, such as cardboard boxes into playful fun crafts.
  • Get kids involved in activities – if there are any local volunteer groups involved in picking litter, don’t hesitate to go along with your child. It is an activity they will love and learn a lot from. As long as this rubbish collection is well managed, there should be no danger for your kids. Make sure they wear gloves and that you oversee their work at all times.

Encourage your kids on the path of green living, and you will do them a huge favour. Working for a greener tomorrow is a great mission we should all be aiming at for the sake of our children.

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