How to Find Playmates for Your Solitary Kid

My daughter has no playmates.  When there’s no school, that is.  Since she’s an only child in a single parent home, she has no brothers or sisters to fight with over who gets the last Krispy Kreme donut.  Sure, it makes for a quiet home, but when you’re a kid, it’s all about play.  And I sometimes feel for my daughter when she has nobody to play with.  She goes through the entire roll call of classmates and rants on about how she misses them.

I do play with her sometimes, but I have only so much energy.  The years are taking their toll on my stamina that I am no longer as agile as I once was (or hoped I was!). Although it is admittedly entertaining to see her play with her dolls on her own, as I see how imaginative she can get, I know she would also enjoy having someone else to play with… someone her own size, or smaller.

I sometimes wish there was a “kid bar” somewhere, where I can simply drop my daughter off so she can have a few drinks, chill and meet someone.  I guess there is a reason that there’s no such thing, because it would be utterly unsafe.  What the hell was I thinking!

In lieu of kid bars, there are those play places in malls, where you could leave your kid to play for hours on end, or at least until she gets real annoyed by that snotty boy who keeps chasing her around.  Thank Heavens also for kid gyms like Gymboree and the Little Gym, where your kid gets to do supervised physical activity and socialize with other kids at the same time.

You don’t really have to look so far, as you can get your kid to play with other kids in the neighborhood.   Well, as long as the next door kids don’t smoke pot, and all that.  Some villages or compounds have a common playground or swimming pool, and you’re bound to find someone your kid can mesh with.  Just be discerning when choosing playmates for your kid.

Look for playmates online.  No, I don’t mean signing your kid up for one of those chatty forums.  If you happen to be a blogging mom, for instance, you’re sure to have found some online friends,- fellow moms- whom you can arrange to meet with offline.  Ask them to bring their kid/s along, and you could perhaps set a play date.  While the kids are at play, the moms will chat… incessantly.

All hope is not lost, then.  With the proper mindset, I could succeed at finding my kid a playmate or two.



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  1. naku sis problema ko din yan.

  2. mommy jes says

    god thing my kids are two so they can just play together but sometimes they are still looking for other playmates s0 what i do is I am bringing them to park or sometimes engaging them so some activities in fastfood such jollibee and mcdo :)

  3. you may also invite her bestfriend in school to come over once in awhile :)

    my youngest kid too has no playmate, ang laki kasi ng age gap nila ni kuya nya, so kadalasan silang 2 ni dad nya ang naglalaro hehe

  4. sis hello *hugs*..I have two kids so it is not actually a problem to me now..but I can relate because I am an only child and it was really hard for me to have no playmate..I am playing alone because both of my parents are so so busy..I am usually alone even on dinner huhuhu..

    maybe you can invite some of your kid relatives or friends kids to sleep over..or find a school where she can develop her talent like music or ballet school :)

    passing by sis..lunch time.. *hugs* :)

    • thanks for visiting, Sie! Only child ka pala. Yup, I might have her try ballet, as she is showing an interest in that area.

  5. those play places at mall are big help…maybe you can invite her cousins to play with her at home…

  6. I’m also thinking a lot about how and what do I do about daughter’s social life, especially since I don’t plan on sending her to school.
    Hope you find some playmates for your daughter!

  7. These are great tips! If you do employ them, I’m sure you’ll find a playmate for your little one in no time – and a conversation partner for yourself! ;)


  8. Thank you for the wonderful collection of tips. You can find friends anywhere for example invite old daughters friends, to arrange a meeting with the childrens of your friends ……

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