How To Keep Your Summer House Safe From Intruders


Many people choose to have lovely summer houses in their gardens. The old-fashioned shed that is used to house the lawnmower and gardening tools is not a much grander affair for people who want to make better use of their outside spaces. No matter what kind of structure you have in your garden, you still need to consider the right security provisions, just the way you would with your home.

Thieves tend to favour targeting a garden summer house, as they’re often less protected and easier to break into without them being disturbed. What’s more, these buildings are used for a wide range of purposes these days, which means their contents may be attractive to burglars.

Summer House Security

You should think about your summer house’s security the way you would with your home’s security measures. A good lock is the bare minimum security measure, and you need to execute a certain amount of discipline to ensure that the summer house is locked up at night. If you have valuable contents in your summer house, you may want to consider putting an alarm in the building.

What’s more, sensors and door contacts can be added to the burglar alarm system and also isolated so that they can be set off even before the summer house is broken into.

You may also want to consider a CCTV system where you can position at least one camera on your summer house.

Even if you think there is nothing attractive or enticing in your building to worry about, summer houses are still attractive to intruders. If you keep tools and ladders in your outhouse, they can be used by intruders to gain access to your main house.

Summer House Security Checklist

Use this checklist to keep your summer house safe from intruders:

  • Make sure you put all items away and lock the windows and doors at night.
  • Install reliable locks on all the windows and doors.
  • Add the summer house to your home burglar alarm system and the CCTV system.
  • Install curtains or blinds on the windows so that your possessions are not visible through doors and windows.
  • Make sure the roofing materials are secure as that is an easy way to get into the summer house, too.
  • Install motion sensor security lighting that will be triggered by heat or movement.
  • If it is practical to do so, remove all valuable items to your main house at night.
  • Make sure access to your garden is as secure as possible by locking all gates and making sure that there are no gaps in hedges and fences around your perimeter.
  • Think about installing a lockable cupboard or even a safe in the summer house to store valuable items.
  • Lock up expensive items like bikes where possible, and secure them to something that cannot be moved.
  • Consider putting gravel around the summer house and on paths that lead to it to alert you to the sound of someone getting in.


Use these tips to make sure your summer house is safe and secure from break-ins.



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