How to Make Money with Facebook

If memory serves me right, I think it was two years ago when I started going on Facebook.  I’m not one to succumb to pressure, but I finally got on the social networking bandwagon.  I have to admit that it was highly amusing to find out how my nerdy high school classmate looked stunning now, or how my orthodontist was a huge fan of puppies.  It was interesting to discover things about people I once met but never imagined would come across again.

More than connecting people and spying on their lives, Facebook provides opportunities for making money.  In between breaks from playing online poker on Facebook, you can actually make that virtual money real.  So how can you make money with your Facebook account?

If you didn’t already know, there are some Facebook applications which help you sell your stuff online.  One of these is Garage Sale.  It’s tied up with, and allows you to sell your old items to your hundreds of friends.

You can also create a Facebook fan page to promote your website.  Try to be a little more engaging by showing your fans that you care about what they need, and are not just out there to sell hard.  Happy customers of your service or product will eventually post on your page, and testify to the quality of your merchandise.

What could be more convenient than earning money online?  With a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be well on your way to making money in ways you never thought possible.  You can start by adding me up on Facebook…


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  1. I had no idea you could sell on Facebook.
    Will check it out, thanks


  2. I haven’t heard about the application garage sale. Very interesting!

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Christina says

    I’m going to have to check that out. I’ve seen it, but have never looked into it :)

  4. Agents immobilier montréal says

    To make money with Facebook is very easy ans fast. Congratulations for use this methode.

  5. There are many opportunities on the Internet for home business and making money at home. One of them is blogging Have blog is a safe way to have a business from home, legitimate work spend little or no’ll be able to learn basic marketing skills and then you can later apply them to website.Create a Facebook fan page is a good way to promote your website.

  6. Huey Chuin says

    Great article, I would like to try make money from facebook. Thanks for the interesting article.

  7. I am still resisting the facebook onslaught..any chance it will be superceded by something less intrusive?

    • I believe things will only get more intrusive :). People just can’t be stopped. If somebody wants to come up with something big enough to beat Facebook, they might be worse, I reckon.

  8. Tommy Vox says

    I use Facebook to find customers: we are one of the largest nationwide liquidators of office furniture from Fortune 500 companies. When large companies downsize or close offices, they are required to move all their office furniture. Rather than pack up and store it, which could get expensive, they often choose to liquidate and sell off all their furniture. We own a trucking company, come in with a full moving crew, purchase and gently remove the expensive, like-new office furniture. We also provide Green Recycling services. We have come to find very expensive pieces of office furniture from brand-name manufacturers such as Herman Miller, HON, Steelcase, and others. We are able to sell this office furniture to companies, at discounts of up to 90 percent off retail, to business and corporate customers. Check out or call 516-855-8201.

  9. You can gain money without a site. It’s important to have a marketing sistem to take email visitors and learn at your business. You must to convert visitors in customers. You must to know exactly how many customers you want every month.

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