How to Quit Smoking with a Portable Vaporizer

At some point in your life, you most probably have come across a heavy smoker.  Yes, I’m talking about that guy in your Trigonometry class who used to smoke like a chimney, and swore would never be dissuaded by those “Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health” warnings.  You’ve always thought he was cute in a Johnny Depp-ish way, and secretly hoped he would sooner or later quit smoking.

I, for one, have somebody close to me whom I wish would just quit smoking cold turkey.  I know for a fact that it would be easier for me to get flat abs than to have him stop smoking, so I tried looking around for cigarette alternatives.  And then, I discovered the portable vaporizer.

The portable vaporizer is an easy to carry handheld device- much like a cellphone, but some are shaped like pipes- which shines much promise in the realm of quitting smoking.  Instead of burning tobacco leaves, the vaporizer warms them to a safe temperature, and in effect releases a safe vapor to inhale.  You add the tobacco mix to the vaporizer, and the hot air passing through it heats it without burning.  The result is processed vapor without the dangerous fumes and chemicals which harm the lungs.  The by product is “clean” smoke, which even the people around you can safely inhale.

What makes this effective in making one quit smoking is that the smoker still gets the same nicotine fix without the harmful toxins from burning tobacco.  It’s the smoke that harms, basically.  Vaporization gets rid of those hundreds of carcinogens from cigarette smoke.

Old habits die hard, they say.  Well, not anymore.  With healthier alternatives like the portable vaporizer, there should be no reason for a chain smoker to finally ditch the cigarette- smoking habit.  Everyone will certainly benefit from a smoke-free environment.


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  1. I’ve smoked from time to time but not really hooked into the habit. I never smoked the whole time I was pregnant and while breastfeeding and I didn’t have any problem with it – no anxieties, no cravings whatsoever. Hubby was a mild smoker but quit about 5 yrs ago. Doesn’t mean that he doesn’t crave smoking still so when he heard of this e-cigarettes (that’s how it is called here) he wanted to try it. He loves smoking but it’s really bad for him (and for everybody but with his asthma, it’s double bad for him). I warned him so much that it’s not worth it but he said this is his chance to smoke without getting asthma attack in the process. And so I let him. We ended up on wasting 50euros for this. He took the one that doesn’t have nicotine so he will not get hooked up again but it’s just not the same… good thing it didn’t make him go back to smoking.

    Spanish Pinay

    • Yes, it isn’t the same as smoking, but I guess, if one’s really determined to quit, the e-cigarettes are a good alternative :). I hope your husband never goes back to smoking.

  2. I have always dreamed of a smoke-free world but that would be nearly impossible :-( I just wish smokers would be more considerate of people who don’t smoke by trying out healthier alternatives or quit smoking altogether. Call it a service to community hehehe

  3. My dad is a heavy smoker…I wonder if this would help him…

  4. E-cigaretts are a wonderful tool for quitting I had mine for a month and went from a pack of cigaretts a day to 1!

  5. Is it really true that we can quit smoking by portable vaporizer.I will definitely try this.
    thanks for sharing

  6. I think that the real point with vaporization is that even if you smoke just as much as before, it’s way better for you.

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