How to Teach Your Kids About the Importance of Education

A lot of us, when we think back to being in school, don’t necessarily miss it! It can, therefore, be easy to relate to our kids when they say that school is boring, or that they don’t see the point in certain things they are taught there (like trigonometry – which let’s face it, unless you are planning to work in physics or engineering, is unlikely to be knowledge that you’ll ever have to draw upon after you finish studying it at school!).

Of course, as adults, we do know that education is important, and we want our kids to understand that too. However, this isn’t something that is always that easy to grasp when you are actually a kid, and the people you look up to are more likely to be athletes and pop stars than those with advanced degrees!

Here are some of the things to think about when talking to your kids about why education is important.

Communication and Participation

Kids today are growing up in a world where literacy is more important than ever before, thanks to the internet and mobile devices. To be functional in that world and get the most out of life, you need to be good at reading and writing. Imagine not having the confidence to say what you want in a message in today’s society – you just can’t replace written communication with a phone call or face to face contact. Teaching kids that studying hard when it comes to language will make them able to have more fun with their friends, find out about the things that interest them the most online, and make everything generally easier for them, might be more relatable to them than telling them they need to have good writing skills because it will help them in a future career they can’t yet picture.

Preparing For Bigger Decisions

Teaching kids that at school, they should try and learn about all of the topics put in front of them because it will help them know what really interests them, can help them with bigger decisions later on, such as which college courses to take. Explain to them that even if their dream career is something they don’t see as traditionally academic, such as art or music, every study path, even in these fields, will require them to be good at learning in terms of researching, absorbing knowledge, and questioning things. You can even show them the requirements for varied career study paths, for example, at to give them an idea of just how much things like math and literacy are important for most paths.

Learning Independently

As well as the education they can get at school, it can also help to teach kids that they have access to so much information that it can be a good use of their time to learn on their own about the things that actually inspire them. Almost everyone can find something they are passionate about and like watching videos about or reading about, so if your child loves dinosaurs, space, cars, fashion or anything else, encouraging them to learn about it can help them find their own love of learning more easily.

Getting kids fired up about education isn’t always easy, but by thinking of things that are relatable to their lives now, as well as in the future, you can show them just how powerful being well educated can be.


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