How to Teach your Kids Honesty

However which way you turn the tables, honesty really still IS the best policy.  It’s the root of all things good.  Honesty is the manifestation of a pure heart, because when one is honest, he has a conscience which knows how to effectively discern right from wrong.  The honest person finds that deceiving other people is as uncomfortable as a wedgie on a hot summer day. 

Any loving mother would want her children to grow up into honest and responsible adults.  You’d want them to carry on the torch of honesty even as they pursue mechanical engineering careers, or whatever it is their hearts desire.  How exactly do we as parents mold our kids into honest beings?

Teach by example.  Sounds simple, but sometimes it’s not that easy for us adults.  In our everyday lives, we are sometimes compelled to tell a white lie or two.  As much as we can, we should show our kids that we don’t lie.  Little things matter.  If, for example, you tell them that you’re just going to quickly grab a few tools from the hardware store, do just that, and don’t spend hours ogling the aisles of shiny screws.

Encourage your kids.  Let them know that it’s ok to speak their minds.  That sends them the message that it’s not at all scary to tell the truth, however unpleasant the truth may be.    If, for instance, you’ve done something which your kid doesn’t like, ask him how he feels, and that you won’t get upset about it. 

Be indirect.  Instead of giving them a chance to lie, rephrase your question.  Instead of saying, “Did you scribble on the living room wall?” say, “You know you weren’t supposed to scribble on the wall, don’t you?”  He then won’t have an opportunity to deny the allegation, and will instead have to explain his actions.

Honesty is one virtue which you should continually shove down your kids’ throats, as this will serve them well through adulthood.  This will make them more capable of taking on life’s challenges.  Believe me, I’m telling the truth.

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  1. I think if you have a relationship with your child where there is mutual respect, it makes this whole process easier. Most often times if my daughter is telling a lie, the old “I’m really disappointed in you” line does the trick. And in our house, the consequences for telling a lie are more severe than if you did something wrong and fess up to it.

    And yes, yes, I am so guilty of the little white lie. For example, we only have to run into the store to get one thing…1 hour later we’re done. Sigh.

    • You’re right about mutual respect. Just because they’re little, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect from us parents. Thanks for the visit, Cari :)

  2. I totally agree with you Pepper, my son is already a toddler, and I hope he wont lie to me:)

  3. I agree with you. But things do not always get with kids as it is written in the blogs … A great example is my son) for candy may lie ….

  4. Sabi nga, mahirap ang matuwin na daan, kaya tama na bata pa lang namo molde na ang mga bata sa pagsasabi ng tama at totoo.

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  5. I think teaching by example is the best way – glad you put it first! I always learned by what my parents *did* more than what they said, and kids are big on mimicking, so this is a really important step that should not be overlooked.


    • We do teach best by example, don’t we? More often than not, kids tend to turn a deaf ear to what their parents say. Thanks for the visit, Rosie :)

  6. Chris Thompson says

    I teach guitar for a living and everyday I see parenting at its best and worst. I am not a parent myself yet but I deal with kids of all ages everyday. The kids who are the most difficult usually have rather difficult parents. They whine and moan at their kids as if they were a 5 year old kid arguing with their siblings. It’s not my place to question them but they are very interesting to observe nevertheless.

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