How You Can Keep Your Hearing Healthy

Sometimes people take their ability to hear their loved ones, their favourite TV shows and the wonders of nature for granted. The ability to hear is one of the most important senses, but for some reason we don’t properly look after our hearing like we do our eyesight or other aspects of our health. Here we explore ways in which you can promote ear health with yourself and your family.


Turn The Music Down


Anything over 85 decibels is dangerous, if you’re listening to music through headphones or earbuds and someone else can hear the music, then it is too loud. Listening to music often, and at loud volume, can permanently damage your hearing. It can evel lead to hearing loss and damage nerve endings in your brain. Don’t turn it up too high, you don’t need to. Try mixing it between using headphones and listening to music out loud. Try to moderate how much you listen to and always be weary of how high the volume is.




Know When You Need Help


When your hearing deteriorates it can be frustrating and even upsetting. But there are people who can help, hearing aid technology is quite advanced now and can be the difference between hearing and not hearing at all. You can also undergo various operations that can assist your hearing for the better. Many people suffer from tinnitus, but this can be alleviated by visiting healthcare professionals, you can read about Ear Science Institute and see for yourself the many forms of hearing help you can get for you or your loved ones.


Keep Them Dry


If you’re in and out of the pool a lot or live next to the ocean then you need to keep your ears dry after getting out. If you don’t it can lead to nasty infections and damage to your internal ear. Take time to gently dry them and let the water run out, it will if you give it time to do so.


Get Rid Of Wax Build Up


Everybody gets wax in their ears, but sometimes it can cluster together and build up deep in your ear where it can impact upon your ability to hear and even your general hearing health. If this occurs you can self medicate by using sodium bicarbonate ear drops which will soften and even break up wax deposits in your ear. Olive oil often works too, but if it starts to hurt or the medication isn’t working you should try visiting your doctors who can potentially syringe it, emptying your ear of all the build up wax can be a strange yet satisfying experience.


Watch Your Flying


If you suffer pain during takeoff or landing it can be perfectly normal. The pressure outside and inside the aircraft are different and it takes your body sometime to properly acclimatise to the change. If you keep suffering it’s likely your eardrum has been burst or perforated. It will heal in a few days but can be more susceptible to further infections. You should limit your flying if this occurs regularly. If it is part of your work life then speak to your employer to see if you can reach a compromise, after all, your health should always come first.


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