Important Life Lessons A Puppy Can Teach Your Child

There’s one present that all children will love more than any other: a puppy. It’s the only gift that will love you right back, and whatever breed of dog you choose, it’s sure to liven up your house and bring moments of real happiness into your life and the lives of your children. Even more importantly, having a puppy and then a dog in their life can teach children three vital life lessons that will prove invaluable as they grow up.

The Importance Of Love And Companionship

Children love their parents and siblings, and although they can all have their ups and downs over the years, they’ll never fall out with the dog that was bought for them as a child. A well-raised dog is a faithful companion for life, and this can be especially useful if you have an only child or one who is usually quiet or reserved. You’ll often find children whispering in their dog’s ears, telling them the heartfelt secrets they wouldn’t reveal to anyone else, especially their parents. That’s nothing to worry about; your child is simply learning the importance of love and companionship, the two things that are surely the most essential ingredients of any happy life.

Learning Responsibility

When our children make a loving or thoughtful gesture it brings a smile to our face, but let’s face it they often have themselves as their number one priority. That’s completely natural and a normal stage of a person’s emotional growth, but a puppy can teach a child a whole new subject: responsibility. They’ll want to do all they can for their four-legged -best friend, and that includes feeding it, exercising it, buying it toys and presents, and taking concern in its health and happiness. In short, the skills they learn when looking after their pet dog are the same ones that in later life they’ll use to look after their own children.

Teaching Discipline To Puppy And Child

A puppy and a child are both adorable, but there’s another trait that can be equally applied to both: they can be naughty. A puppy needs to be shown what’s wrong and what’s right, so that it knows where to go to the toilet, doesn’t damage furniture and household items, and can be trusted near roads or when off the leash. The website Our Pet Spot has expert dog training advice, but the act of training a puppy can also help to improve your child’s discipline. They’ll see how important it is to be obedient, and how behaving well brings rewards. That’s just one reason why moms who buy their children a dog often see a significant improvement in their child’s behavior.

Having a pet dog teaches your child love for others, responsibility, and discipline, and what more important skills could there be as they move ever closer to adulthood? Always remember, however, to research thoroughly before bringing a new pet home. Allow it time to settle into its new environment, and ensure you have everything it will need ready for its arrival. In this way, you’ll be able to watch your puppy and child grow up happily alongside each other. It’s one present your child is sure to never forget.

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