Just Beautiful: Funny Faces

I am pretty sure you’ll agree with me when I say that seeing kids goofing around, making funny faces in front of the camera is just beautiful :).
This is my daughter with the daughter of my long-time friend from way back in high school (and I do mean waaaay back!). They were just toweling off after an afternoon dip in the pool.

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  1. hahaha they’re very cute with their funny faces..heheh


  2. Willa @ Smart Mommy says

    Funny faces of a happy kids! totally beautiful!

    Just Beautiful #13

  3. cute and adorable…by the way share you an award here @ http://raketermama.blogspot.com/2011/05/stylish-blogger-award.html#more

  4. Those are beautiful shots! It’s heartwarming to see kids make silly faces and having fun :)


  5. aaaww soo cutiee!!

  6. They are so adorable : ) I love when kids are having fun. Total sweetness. Funny faces are my fave!

  7. Just cute…happy JB! Mine is late.

  8. i agree..cute and beautiful they are with that funny faces:) mine is up hope you can drop by too!

  9. making funny faces always makes me smile :-); my son does that, too!

  10. beautiful shots of beautiful kids!!

  11. i agree..their goofy faces makes us smile too..although i have no child yet but my cousins children never missed to make me smile when they are around me

  12. Really cute of them goofing around^_^kawaii!


    Happy JB!

  13. looks like they had fun after the swimming thanks for visiting my new blog :)

  14. hahaha,.. cute faces..:)

    Late Visit from JB. Hope You can come and visit my Just Beautiful. Thanks

  15. They are so adorable, I love the wacky pose! Thanks for the comment you left in my blog.

  16. funny and beautiful, and cute syempre!

  17. yeah, i agree with you…they’re so cute. Thanks for dropping by.

  18. It looks like they’re having so much fun! :) (and Ty for following my newblog :D )

  19. Those are indeed really wonderful shots … I love it when my son makes goofy faces with me as well.

  20. I actually struggle to get my kids to NOT pull a funny face when I’m taking pictures of them!

  21. ang cu-cute naman nila. galing ha – you still have a get together with your friend from high school.
    thanks for joining JB! :)

  22. ang cute nga! where’s that pool? i love their matching towels…:D mommy pep, do join my meme, too. pls :D thanks!


  23. they’re both cute!

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