Knowing Your Baby’s Gender: Tests That Tell

So you are curious about knowing the gender of your baby? Well this is only natural. The only problem is that there are so many gender tests available that you are bound to find yourself lost as to which one to choose. But how accurate do you need your gender test results to be? You could choose a simple, at home old wives’ tale and just hope the answer is correct or opt for a DNA test or an ultrasound and be almost 100% guaranteed a correct result.

There are a whole range of tests which can be done at home – they are cheap, quick, simple and totally unscientific. Nevertheless, they do have their appeal and many expectant mothers actually enjoy carrying out these tests. The most popular ones include:

The Cabbage test: this must be an all time favorite which results are guaranteed to be 50% accurate. Its origins are very obscure and no one really knows how it came about. However, here is an explanation of how it is carried out. All you need is a red cabbage which you will need to finely chop and place into boiling water. The cabbage-water mixture must be left to simmer for ten minutes and after that, the cabbage strained from the water and the water retained. The purple colored water needs to then be mixed with an equal part of urine. If there is no color change, the baby will be a girl. If, on the other hand, the color changes to red then the baby will be a boy.

The wedding ring test: this test is done by passing a string or a hair through the wedding ring and holding it above the pregnant belly. The movement in which the ring moves should be a telling sign of whether you will have a baby girl or a baby boy. If it swings in circles, you are expecting a baby girl whilst if it sways like a clock pendulum you are expecting a boy. Again, this test is only 50% accurate.

Ultrasounds to discover baby gender

Ultrasounds are accurate at determining baby gender. You will need to undergo an ultrasound anyway at around 19 weeks and at this stage it will be easy to see the sex of the baby with an ultrasound image. It is important that you do not undergo an ultrasound specifically to discover the gender of your baby.- the FDA does not recommended this as it means exposing your baby to unnecessary radiation (although they are far safer than for example X rays as the type of radiation between an ultrasound and X ray are very different)

DNA testing for baby gender

There are two main types of DNA tests that can be used to discover the gender of your baby. Gender testing can be done using a sample of blood or of urine from the mother-to-be. Besides the type of sample used, what also differs is the accuracy. Urine baby gender DNA testing offers 99% accurate results while blood baby gender testing offers a result that varies in accuracy between 85-95%. Both tests can be done at around nine weeks of pregnancy. What scientists do once they receive the blood or urine sample is analyse the genetic material in it to discover whether there is male DNA or not. If the expectant mother is carrying a baby boy, then she will carry male specific Y chromosomes in her blood and urine.



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  1. I didn’t know that it’s possible to use DNA testing to determine a baby’s gender. Thanks to the presence of technology for making things easier for us :)

  2. Interesting posts ,some test like cabbage and ring seems like myth only. Well, definitely ultrasound is the most popular of all.

  3. Anabelle Perez says

    thanks for sharing these! during my pregnancy i was anxious to know if the u/s test was 100% positive since my friend had a different result compared to when she gave birth.

  4. There is such a thing as cabbage test?! Haha! Funny, and this is the first time I’m learning about it. :)

  5. I wish I’ll get pregnant and be excited to know my baby’s gender.

  6. I think DNA testing is more accurate, I have remember that ring method which we use in elementary just for fun

  7. The Cabbage and Wedding Ring tests are all new to me. I should have tried them! They sound fun. :D

  8. The cabbage and wedding ring test really amused me. And I have to agree with the other commenter, ultrasound is the most popular nowadays. DNA test I think is quite expensive.

  9. It’s the first time I heard of the cabbage test and the wedding ring test. I’ll probably try them during my next pregnancy then confirm the results with an ultrasound.

  10. Looks like the DNA testing is the best option of all four on the list. I’ve never thought of radiation when I did an ultrasound to find out my baby’s gender, my bad. The cabbage and the ring tests really made me smile. I mean how charming can they be, and I was surprised there’s even a 50% accuracy on the cabbage test. It’s also my first time to hear about the first two. Glad to have something new in the learning adventure.

  11. Natawa ko sa cabbage test! I had no idea such gender-determining tests exist! We chose to stick to the one that guarantees surefire results: ultrasound. When my 23-week UTZ came, I remember it to be one of the most exhilarating moments during my pregnancy.

  12. Rochelle Caparas says

    I’m quite entertained with your post :) But I think the first two are just myths. Anyway, if God would bless me with a child, I want my baby’s gender be a surprise :)

  13. Juliana RW says

    Very good article what you wrote. My last pregnancy I did try with the wedding ring test to know my baby gender :D

  14. Roxi @ Mr. Jacob's Mom says

    I read about the wedding ring test but we never tried it! I was determined to know my baby’s gender accurately. So we timed it when my OB-GYN requested for a CAS to find out if we’re having a boy and a girl. Oh, how I remember well that moment we found out it was a boy. My husband was near to tears!

  15. Interesting! I never knew about this gender-knowing strategies. Thank you for sharing. Parents and expecting mothers must be very thrilled to read this information.

  16. When I was pregnant, this friend of mine had a “sure fire” way of telling my baby’s sex and she swore that she was 100% accurate. She held a string with a needle attached to it over my outstretched wrist and let it move as it wanted. Moving parallel to my arm meant one sex and perpendicular to it meant another sex. Anyway, she said I was “absolutely certain” to have a boy. Hmmm, this was 16 years ago…and my almost 16 year old GIRL is just fine by me, lol.


  17. Teresa Martinez says

    The first two choices can be done just for fun given the 50% chance of probability. Although DNA testing might be the most accurate, it might also cost more so ultrasound could be the best option today.

  18. I think DNA test is the most effective but of course, the other alternatives should be fine as a DNA test could be costly.

  19. A good list of traditional beliefs and some that are backed by science. This article truly piqued my interest!

  20. Fascinating! I’ll put this to the test on my next baby. I didn’t know about these tests before. I just knew about the Chinese calendar thingy. :)

  21. I only did one of those things to determine the gender of my baby when I was pregnant, and that’s to have an ultrasound. This is the first time I heard about the cabbage test and the wedding ring test; it would be interesting and fun to do these tests, too.

  22. i always go for ultrasound testing to know my baby’s gender.. when i get pregnant again will try that so called cabbage and wedding ring just for fun ^.^

  23. Wow to the cabbage test and to the ring test, lol! Anyway, it is always exciting to know a baby’s gender….pregnancy itself is a blessing.

  24. I’d go for ultrasound.. accurate for me, that’s 4 pregnancies!

    with my 4th baby, I was so eager to learn the gender that I went for a 2D ultrasound, triple the price of the usual ultrasound I had.. turns out, it was all worth it! It was a baby girl at last!

  25. Wow~! I’ve never heard of the cabbage test up until now! I’ve actually thought of this before–I mean, like if I wanted to know the gender of my future baby right away or to just let myself be surprised. But then again, to be practical, knowing beforehand would be the better choice.

  26. Kerri Capel says

    I thought I’d share my experience with gender testing.

    About a 12 months ago, I was pregnant with my 4th child (having had 3 beautiful girls already) and as you can guess, was really desperate for a boy. I came across this same companies US branch over at http::// I ordered the test, banished my husband from the house (this is a requirement to ensure no male DNA contaminates the sample) and did the urine test. It was remarkably easy to carry out the test, and the company even pointed me to a video on youtube where I could get further instructions. I must admit it did seem a little odd sending a fair good quantity of urine in the mail!

    Anyway a few days later, I got the news that I was hoping for! The results suggested I was carrying a boy with 99% certainty. I was delighted to say the least, and my husband was pleased at the prospect of having some male company in the house.

    On 26th October (slightly overcooked) Jacob was born.

    I was so hoping the test would be right, although had the results indicated a girl, I would still have gone ahead as normal. It would just have been a bit disappointing. He’s just over 3 months old now, and real bundle of joy. I don’t think my husband will get his ‘bonding-buddy’ for a while yet, but I think our family is now complete.

    It’s good to see science being used to help families in this way.

    Best of luck to you all.


    • Hi Kerri, thanks for the info , I contacted to ask them about their test. Luckily, they said there is no need to banish my hubby. I was considering have him sleep with Pippa, our labrador, in the kennel for a night or two. Well, I guess with 2 kids and a third one on the way (and last one), we don’t really get much time for intimacy anyway. So gender testing with pee it is going to be!!!

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