Love a Move, Move your Love

Moving home is a big deal whether you’re moving across the street or across the country. It is a huge effort, often involving a lot of people – friends, family, whoever you can get your hands on. It’s not a bad thing to take help offered, but it is essential to make sure that you have everything covered to eradicate risks of irritating those who have given their time up for you.


Shorten the amount of trips


If you are going back and forth between houses, this can start to wear people down – especially if it’s over silly things like going back to get stuff that could easily have fit in the carload beforehand. Try and put as many things as physically possible into whatever transport is available to help move it – and don’t spend time trying to empty it all when it gets there, either. Set someone up as the emptier (or both empty but they have to put it into the house) so you can get back to your old property as soon as possible to load up again. Likewise, if you have a van hire for long distance moving, move as much as you can in one go to save further fees and stress.


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Keep up the motivation


Nobody wants hear that they’re doing a rubbish job when they’re the ones that offered to lend a hand – ever heard the phrase ‘don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’? It’s exactly the same concept. If you’re getting something for free, never look down on it or be too critical – else you’ll be left alone and never be offered help again. Offer snacks, drinks and tonnes of encouraging words – and don’t be short on the thanks and praise! Think of how you’d like to be treated.


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Label everything clearly


Make sure that you know exactly what is going in which box. Keep them in categories so you’re not confused, and try to keep them confined to the rooms that they are meant to go in – else you’ll be unpacking the kitchen boxes and realising that you’ve got to do three trips upstairs to unpack the bathrooms bits that were in with it. Again, let your friends help – they may place things where you will not have thought have putting them, but fresh perspectives can be a good thing when you are moving home. Space can be utilised that you hadn’t given a second thought to filling. Make a note of everything that is in a certain box so that it doesn’t go missing along the way – it can be easy to accuse somebody of stealing or misplacing an object in the heat of hte moment, but if you have everything covered on your end then the stress won’t show through and you won’t end up embarrassing either of you.


Now, go and make a note of what your pals like to eat before you end up buying the wrong chips for them – nobody likes working on an empty stomach!

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