Make a Fashion Statement with Scarves

In this age of creativity and true expression of oneself, there are different ways on how women make a fashion statement. Some women still do this through their outfit. They wear the most fashionable clothes to express themselves. Some would wear outfits according to the norm. They follow what’s in in fashion, and make sure that their wardrobe is updated as much as possible. Some women would use accessories to make a fashion statement. Necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, charms, earrings and watches, these are the most common accessories that are part of the whole get up.

Now, there is a new way to make a fashion statement, and that is through a scarf. During the old days, scarves used to be only part of a winter outfit. People wore scarves because it was cold and they had to protect their neck. But now, scarves have been part of fashion. They’re not only a necessity for cold weather but also an accessory to make your outfit more fashionable.

There are many uses of scarves to make it a fashion statement. Here are ways on how to make the most out of it:

  1. Travel

People find it useful to bring scarves when they travel. It is indispensable especially during long flights, because during flights, it gets chilly so wearing a scarf would help. It is also a great alternative to bringing an otherwise bulky and heavy jacket. With scarves, you get to use them either when the weather gets cold or when the sun is up. Yes, scarves are perfect to use for cover-ups too.


  1. Office Attire

One plain outfit, when topped off with a scarf, instantly makes it an awesome office attire. Scarves are perfect to wear during formal events at work, or you can also wear it on ordinary days. Looking for an outfit for an important presentation? A skirt, blazer and a scarf would be perfect.


  1. Evening Dates

When it gets chilly at night, a scarf is there to make you feel warm during an evening date with a special friend or group of friends. Make a fashion statement by wearing your favorite evening dress and make it complete with a beautiful scarf.


  1. Day at the Mall Outfits

There are those days when you run errands and you don’t want to dress up anymore. But of course you still want to look good. Just wear a scarf that would match your errand outfit and you are good to go.


These are just some of the ways that you can wear a scarf. Of course there are more ways than you can imagine. It just goes to show that yes, you can make a fashion statement by wearing a scarf.  It doesn’t matter who you’re with or wherever you’re going.

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  1. I love scarves! There’s so many ways to wear them and I so wish I knew a lot of the cute ways to wear them that I’ve seen around.

  2. This is one accessory I am trying to learn to rock haha. At 30, I think any lady should be confident wearing them – and not only when one is sick with colds that we wrap them around our neck.

    Right now, I accentuated my white collared shirt with a light blue scarf. makes me feel like 10x a lady =)

    • garydiaz00 says

      Kero that’s right women can wear scarves even without cold lol. I think you can wear it any age not only when in your 30’s. I am from fashion industry and we use womens fashion scarves on models and celebrities even use to wear scarves. So don’t you hesitate and use scarves to explore your beauty.

    • yes…
      you are right

  3. I love scarves, too! :)

  4. I like scarves but don’t use it always

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