Marketing and Branding Your Blog

In a dog-eat-dog world where many of your competitors are likely utilizing a blog as part of their online marketing strategies, how do you stack up? Does your company currently have a blog, and if so, how are you ensuring that it stands out from the crowd and draws in your consumers? Whether you’re just starting out in the world of blogging or are in need of ideas to enhance your present content, it is imperative that you understand the importance of marketing and branding your blog. In order to get you well on your way to a successful content writing campaign, here are a few ad agency tips for marketing and branding your blog.

1. Choose a memorable name

Much different from a rose, a blog by any other name may not be as effective. Not only does your blog’s name reflect on your brand, but it is also what sets the tone for your blog and contributes to your ability to be found via search engines. When selecting a name, be mindful that it should be related to your firm or product brand, that it should be short and sweet, and that it should utilize search-friendly terms or keywords to improve your search engine rankings.

2. Pick a tagline

An effective tagline can provide instant insight to your readers with regards to your blog’s personality and content. Your tagline is an integral part of branding your blog and should be based upon the blog’s focus and keywords. A tagline should be to-the-point and memorable (think Toyota’s infamous: “moving forward” campaign).

3. Select a theme

Whether you are creating a blog on your own or are utilizing the help of an ad agency, you should always play a key role in selecting your page’s theme. It is important to keep your blog as clean and clutter-free as possible; that is to say that your readers should be able to read your posts and navigate your page easily and free from distractions. Everything, including the location of your name and tagline arrangement of your blog posts, the accessibility of your archives, your typeface, your logo, and your color scheme play a role in creating an attractive and unique theme that expresses your business’s personality.

Consider visiting a blog that seems “busy” with multiple fonts, clashing colors, and moving graphics vs. reading a post on a blog site with a clean color palette, professional graphics, and a distinctive and easy-to-read font. Which page are you likely to visit again? The point here is that you want your theme to be unique, but not so much so that it drives your consumers away. Stick with two or three colors that are representative of your brand and settle on one typeface. If you utilize a background graphic, be sure that it does not overshadow the foreground or make it difficult for your visitors to read your content.

4. Determine your blogging topics

In order to draw your customers in, you must learn to think like them. As consumers search online for the types of products and services that your company can provide, what topics or keywords might they enter into a search engine? Make a list of all possible queries, and base your blog topics off of these in order to yield higher search engine rankings. Working with an ad agency can also help you to think outside of the box and come up with other engaging topics, as well as the most effective key words and key word density.

Through the proper branding and marketing, you’ll enjoy a successful online advertising campaign.


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  1. My blog has a weird name, but I want it that way. :P

  2. Those are great points. The name is a big deal since it sticks. My blog name is very memorable but too general to immediately know what it is about. I get a lot of people that assume I write about food or about shoes :P

  3. Thanks pepper hopefully I’ve got this nailed – not long till I launch my new blog. Can’t wait. Kim

  4. i can’t think of a nice tag line. my site is not actually in proper, it needs improvement.

  5. My blog’ name is way to different from niche which Lifestyle. But I want a name that somehow a part of me. I’m literally a “lakwatsera” during my college days. Though sometimes I have second thoughts of changing it so the others might not find it nega. :)

  6. Agree with your post! I remember when I started blogging, I switched from title to title, tagline to tagline. My blog was more of an anything-goes blog back then. Then I started posting beauty posts and found a name and tagline that works for my niche :)

  7. The world wide web is such a huge virtual space and your competitors could range from hundreds to thousands and even millions. I agree that with proper branding and marketing, you’ll stand a better chance at succeeding with your blog.

  8. brand taglines says

    Taglines should never be underestimated. I personally think that the taglines can make or break you. People know just by the sound of it if it’s interesting enough to them. Rest of the article is also good.

    • A tagline reinforces not only your blog’s name, but also your blog’s purpose. In fact, you may find that your tagline is simply your purpose. Or your purpose can just be a starting point. Your tagline doesn’t need to be ultra clever; it just needs to tell the reader what they’ll get out of visiting your blog.

  9. Great tips to start a blog on the right track. Also I think it’s important to consider hosting if your blog is going to represent an existing company. Will you host onsite or offsite? I always think it’s better to plan on growth and set the proper infrastructure up from the start. To try to do it once the blog takes off or you have lots of readers (and posts!) will be much tougher.

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