Nail Alert: Fall Nail Trends to Finish Your Look


We all know that the accessories, makeup, and hair can enhance and add those finishing touches to any look. From hair extensions to the right eye shadow to a beautiful scarf, the small touches are important. Your nails also add a touch of glam, sass, and a polished (pun intended) look to any outfit. Imagine a perfectly paired outfit on a woman with jagged, broken nails. Even in this small, subtle element, an entire outfit can be ruined. Here are a few alerts on fall trends to keep all your outfits trendy and finished.

Colors this fall are dark and stormy with touches of neutral colors to add glamour and excitement. Whether your stylistic choices are sassy or subtle, fall offers the perfect nail color for you. Deep red, berry, navy, and charcoal are always classic choices, but if you’d like to jazz them up, consider adding neutral elements like gold flecks or polka dots (yes, polka dots!) for a trendy twist. Chrome metals are also popular this fall. Classic chromes like gold, silver, and copper are good choices for ladies with classic style. For the more adventurous, a metallic peacock blue or a punch of purple can add just the right statement.

Wear your nails short and square with rounded corners. These nails look manicured and maintained but still offer enough space to showcase popular fall colors. Trim your cuticles and snip any hangnails. You may want to file down your nails every few weeks to prevent them from getting too long and breaking. Keeping the perfect polish on them at all times also helps prevent breaking.

To make your nail color last, use a bottom coat the helps the polish stick to your nails – and can also help protect them through color changes. Apply one coat of polish, let it partially dry, and then apply another for maximum, smooth coverage. Apply a glossy topcoat after the color is fully dried to finish the color and protect it. Consider applying another top coat every few days to extend the life of your polish.


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  1. My Baby Doll loves nail polish of any type! And she is not even two yet. Can you imagine how it will be when she is a teenager?

  2. Great tips – my nails are short anyway so maybe i could grow them just a tich to give them rounded edges. Hair extensions, i would if i could … x

  3. I especially like bold colors, but I feel like all people see when they look at me are my nails…but I go bold anyway! My girls love bold too.

  4. I have noticed shorter nails are becoming more trendy right now than the longer ones of not so long ago. I like both. My daughter loves nail polish and I have about ten bottles stashed in great colors to put in her Christmas stocking.

    I love the picture of all the nail polish, it makes me feel like shopping. :)

  5. I have square shaped nails and I often play with different nail polish colors.


  6. Mich of Mich Eats and Shops says

    I really like the colors for fall because I think the dark, rich tones suit me better :D

  7. thanks for the tips! i definitely need them :)

  8. I love dark colored nail polish:) while my mom loves those which has glitters

  9. I’m sure ladies love to use trending colors for their nails.

  10. Nails can also be considered as women’s best accessories. These are indeed trendy colors but I still prefer the french tip (oh yeah, I’m a little outdated) :)

  11. i have a collection of different nail polish colors, i am more on the neutral and earth colors, yet due to plenty of house chores, i can no longer paint my nails lately :(

  12. Lately, I am hooked to assorted nail polish. The more colorful and lively the color is, the better I appreciate them. Nice cool tips you have here :)

  13. It’s probably my nails that are most neglected in me because I just let them grow long and unpainted. :/ Will try to squeeze in that – manicure ehehehe.

  14. I love taking care of my nails. I do it almost every other week.

  15. I miss having my nails painted… And this reminds me, I bought a nail polish last month and haven’t used it. hahaha!

  16. I agree, even at the smallest or hideous part of our body… if that is not okay everything will be ruined! Ohh, just hate it. anyway, i love your tips! thanks for sharing, huh!

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