Olympic Medal Count Since the New Millennium

The London 2012 games may be over, but I feel that I’m still suffering from a serious case of Olympics fever.  My Olympics fanaticism has shifted to conjuring up images of Michael Phelps swimming in a pool of medals…

Medals, it seems, are what the Olympics are all about.  Even though the Olympic committee’s official line is “it doesn’t matter who wins, its taking part that counts” we have to admit that, no matter where we are from, we still do want our respective countries to win.  Surely, the athletes themselves are even more passionate about it than us.  Since the beginning of the second millennia there have been a total of four Olympic games, all boasting of improved drug screenings, increased attendance and more countries getting involved in both men and women’s sports.

For the first three Olympic games of the new millennium, the three big boys of Olympic sports were all present at the top of the medal table. Russia, China and The USA have been haggling for the top spot, with Russia unfortunately only reaching second and the top place being traded between China and America.

Other Strong contenders among the competing nations have been Australia, who managed an impressive fourth place when they hosted the games in 2000 and again in 2004. The Germans have also been fighting to keep themselves in the top six with excellent results, in fact in the last 12 years they have managed to come 6th twice in the medal tables and 5th twice- all in all an impressive performance.

Great Britain seemed to make full use of the home advantage, as 2012 was their best ever gold medal haul.  Although the Russians won more medals than the Island nation, not enough of them were gold and they were forced to concede third place to the Brits.

Korea and Japan who weren’t so prominent in the early Sydney Olympics have proven themselves to be forces to reckon with as they have slowly been creeping their way up the medal table.

More than the number of competing nations, what’s astounding is the amount of support the participants get as they strive to smash Olympic and world records.  It’s amazing how countries are unified by such events.

I wonder who bookies like Ladbrokes will name as favourites in the future, as the competition gets hotter and the old titans face bigger challenges.






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  1. I didn’t get to watch much of live feed of the Olympics because we were on travel for the most part. I had to content myself watching reruns when we finally arrived back home. Kudos to everyone who represented their country whether they went home with medal or not. Sports I think is won every time you play with dignity. It doesn’t matter if you come out as a winner or not – it’s always how you play that counts. And ultimately that what’s earn you respect both as an indvidual and as an athlete.

  2. This what makes sports a beautiful competition of guts, courage, strength to achieve glory. That’s what makes Olympics a most lovable event to watch.

  3. Nice trivia. If only tenpin bowling and chess be included in the Summer Olympics then probably, may gold na tayo..

  4. That is a great post madam and I did not watch the Olympic since no skating which is my favorite…:)

  5. I only watched the opening but just the like the previous Olympic games, I knew Michael Phelps is drowned with his medals. I wish our country can produce and support more competitive athletes.

  6. Mich of Mich Eats and Shops says

    I’m so proud of the UK for gaining a spot in the top three. :) I’ve been rooting for them this year as the country has a special spot in my heart. :)

  7. I love the Olympics. You notice the top countries that won are the world powers of the world? :)

  8. Adeline Yuboco says

    Never really got to watch the Olympics this year because of my busy schedule. Yes, it’s true. A lot of attention seems to go to those who win the medals while those that didn’t seem to just be forgotten, which is sad, if you think about it because not all athletes are able to make it that far. Even if they didn’t win, the fact that they made it there to compete and be considered the best of the best of the country that they represent is something that they should be already proud of. Congratulations to Team USA again. But more important, congratulations to Team Philippines for a job well done.

  9. I didn’t get to watch much of the 2012 Olympics. While Filipino players didn’t get to win any medals, we are still very proud of them for representing the Philippines. And yes, I agree with another commenter here. Chess and bowling (and billiards, too!) should be made part of the Olympics because Pinoys are good at these sports.

  10. China is now starting to be an olympic super power which has already a big improvement from previous 4-5 olympics.

  11. Same here , I am not that updated with the who’s in and out of the Olympics. In every game, it is not absolutely necessary who got the medal/trophy, it is how each one plays the game :)

  12. This year, the only thing I got to watch was the opening parade. It sure was a proud moment for the Filipino athletes. As for medals, well, given there were just a handful of Pinoys who participated, their chances wasn’t that huge. Then again, like almost everyone else is saying, the fact that they got to be representatives of their country is already a win in and of itself.

  13. Sometimes parang bias din sila esp yung boxing fight. :(

  14. Unfortunately, I did not get to watch the opening and closing ceremonies of the recently concluded OLYMPICS in London more so of the various games but my husband and son did especially swimming and how Michael Phelps secured his record-breaking GOLDS.

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