On Women and Car Repairs

It’s not at all uncommon that out on the streets, we find women drivers, helpless as they flail their arms about, trying to catch the attention of willing knights-in-shining-armor to help them with a flat tire or an overheated car. We women are somewhat “mechanically-challenged” when it comes to car repairs. Our instincts dictate us to seek solace in able-bodied men who know cars like the back of their hand. I, for one, have the tendency to panic during such circumstances.

Just recently, I was almost at wit’s end when I couldn’t get my car to start. I thought there must be something wrong with the ignition system, or maybe the battery ran out. I got hold of the first man I could find. It turns out, the cables (or wires?) attached to the battery consoles got jiggled out of place. Probably because for some time now, I’ve been driving on pretty rough roads.

A few days after, I noticed a puddle on the garage floor, right under my car. I presumed it was an oil leak (cars don’t pee, do they?). I didn’t take the situation lightly, so I brought the car to this nearby mechanic (highly recommended by my cousin). Like a true mechanic with a PhD in car repairs, he diagnosed the problem and came up with a solution.

For women drivers like myself, I guess it is a necessity to have some working knowledge of what goes on in a car’s engine too. Car maintenance is not as elementary as taking your car to the carwash, but it’s not too difficult either. There are a wealth of resources on the internet on basic car repair. But when we couldn’t find the answers online or in books, it’s best to take the car to an expert, so he can clearly assess the problem.

Once you find a car mechanic you can trust, get his number (solely on a professional level, of course), befriend him (add him up on Facebook, if you must). He will be your Superman for life.

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  1. that is the reason why i do not want to have my own car ahihi, i just ask for my husband or my son to drive for me with their vehicles if i need to go somewhere.

    thanks a lot for visiting me :) paying you a visit too thru WBFC and TBE

    also i am so grateful, you’ve included my blogs in your blog roll, maraming salamat po!

  2. Mommy Liz says

    you and me both don’t have any knowledge when it comes to cars. Luckily my husband is an auto mechanic and he takes care of my car. I told him if in case my car breaks down in the middle of the road, I will just sit and call him on my cp. That’s why my cp is always with me when driving. The only thing I know how to do is put water in my car when I was driving my old Honda, until it suddenly quit running, now I have a used car that I so love. thanks for the visit..

  3. Thank you for this post. A lot of women can relate to this post, if not all of them! It is important for a women to have an auto repair shop she can trust, and not one that will try and take advantage of her. That is the key to finding a good auto repair shop, one that will not take advantage of you just because you are a women.

    Auto Repair San Dimas

  4. And will not a husband begin to be jealous? :)

  5. That is one thing I really would like to learn a bit about–I have this fear of being stranded on the highway with my kids with car trouble!
    Thanks for stopping by the Mom Journal!

  6. Nice article, I have no problem with who fixes my car, I just wish my wife would fix my car for me :)

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