Pain Management in Children

Now I’m not quite sure if the song goes “Pain, pain” or “Rain, rain go away…”  Either way, I think you simply can’t discount its entertainment value and the fact that it helps soothe the aches and pains of tiny tots all over.


On occasions when my daughter writhes in pain from a toothache or tummy ache, I find myself worried sick, wishing that the pain would instead transfer to me.  If only it were that easy, I would willingly suffer for her.  But since we live in the real world and pain transference is as unreal as rock-hard abs on my belly, we moms should just arm ourselves with a working knowledge of pain management for kids.

We can use the following non-drug methods to help ease mild to moderate pain:

Keep your child entertained by playing his favorite music.  Bieber may be just what she needs to keep her mind off the pain.

Make her relax.  Give her a gentle back rub, or slather on some lotion on her.  Dim the lights, and encourage her to sleep.

Stretch your imagination.  Create your own stories, have her do the same.  Draw pictures to illustrate your stories.

Basically, any activity that distracts will help make the pain more bearable.  And don’t think twice about giving your kid pain medication.  If left untreated, pain can only cause more stress on the body and mind.  Your kid will heal faster when you treat his pain.  Don’t worry about your kid being addicted to pain medicines.  That won’t happen if it’s taken the proper way.

If you want to learn more about pain management, you can always search online.  There’s a wealth of resources on the topic.  I, for one, found the Pfizerlife website to be really helpful.  We moms need all the help we can get, right?

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  1. There’s not much worse than when our kids are suffering pain. Great advice – thanks for sharing it!

  2. I’m not a mother; but I am the oldest of six siblings (7 kids). What I’ve learned throughout my time is when one of my siblings (kids) is in pain, the method I use is called: silence and hugging. I”m crying just thinking about the memories of holding my siblings in my arms. Then, once they get themselves out crying; I sing them a song. It isn’t “pain pain go away” it’s more of an inside joke about Barney (the show) dinosaur.

    I hope the pain your children experience are cared for, especially in these timse where children get bullied a lot.

    • Thanks for sharing :). That’s so sweet… silence and hugging… It seems effortless, but it does work wonders, doesn’t it?

  3. Great tips–thanks for sharing them!

  4. Samantha Bangayan says

    This is a super idea and I really think this strategies would work for self-pain management too. This post is just what I needed, Pepper, especially with how often I get sick here in Peru. =P A friend once told me that it took her body 20-30 years to get accustomed to living in a foreign country. =P

  5. when my son is in pain, we always kiss and hug him. sometimes he will say, “no more” after we kissed it/him. hehe! we haven’t tried pain reliever.

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