Perfume: Understand It Before Buying It

Perfume plays a vital role in the life of any human being. A good perfume not only enhances one’s dignity, but also unleashes one’s self-confidence.

What you should remember though, is that not all perfumes are created equal.  They are as varied as fish in the sea. The thing is, one can easily be under the mistaken impression that picking out perfume is no rocket science.  And with the advent of online shopping, you can simply visit website suggestions and pick out any perfume without prior information or experience when it comes to choosing perfume.

With the plethora of options available to consumers, it is extremely important that they arm themselves with a working knowledge and awareness of what perfumes are all about.  Before making an actual purchase, you should understand the notes of perfume, and know the right brand of fragrance which suits your skin.

Understanding Perfume Notes

Perfume is divided into notes. These three notes are known as the top, middle and base note.

The top note refers to the immediate fragrance which is generally smelled by the sprayer and disappears quickly. Perfumes which have very strong top notes last for only a couple of hours.   Middle notes last longer than the top note. Last is the base note which lasts the longest, but it takes some time for it to be obvious.

Now, if you’re the type who isn’t too keen on experimentation, you can always stick to those tried and tested brands.  Personally, I love Hugo boss perfume and have been loyal to the brand for the past three years. If you choose the right brand which suits your skin, you can then make it your signature scent. You can never go wrong with mainstream picks.

Benefits of trying Recommended Perfume

Irrespective of the lavishness connected with any brand, it is always wise to try out the perfume on your body. Each one of us has a different skin structure. A smell which smells lovely on you may not necessarily suit your friend.  Apply some on your hand, wait 10 to 15 minutes and then take a whiff of it. This will give you the real smell. One more thing, if the perfume irritates your skin, say no to that brand immediately. Search for a safer alternative.

Beware of fakes

Do know that there are many fake perfumes out in the market. Steer clear of tempting online offers which give you cheaper alternatives to the original.  Many customers fall for the offer, and regret it later on. The original is still the best.

So the next time you buy a bottle of perfume, remember to take time to understand the science of scents.  After all, your dignity, confidence, and money are at stake here.


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  1. Making perfume is an old art, traceable to ancient Egypt, Rome and Mesopotamia. Once considered the domain of alchemists.Thanks

  2. and when getting this, it pays a lot when you know the difference between eau de parfum, esprit de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and body mist.

  3. Cris | Pinay Thrillseeker says

    This is a very informative post for me as it is the first time I’ve read about the top, middle, and base notes of a perfume. I’d prefer a perfume with strong base notes. :)

  4. interesting! I am not a fan of perfumes but my GlamBox subscription gives me access to new fragrance. Now I can articulate and describe better as your defined the top, middle and base notes for me.

    My favorite fragrance right now is Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb

  5. with many different perfumes in the market, somehow i wish i can have all of them, too greedy, but yes, i’m a perfume person, i have several of them but i wasn’t able to use all of them yet.

  6. perfumes are ♥ but i love those with faint + mild scent the most. some of my picks include D+G Light Blue + Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea. Victoria’s Secret is also one of my faves!

  7. Hubby and I are both fans of Hugo Boss perfumes. ;)

  8. I vary my perfume depending on the occasion on casual events I go for the light scents but when the occasion is a bit formal, I go for the milder variant.

  9. I am more drawn towards perfume that has citrusy notes and that are mild.

  10. Before buying a bottle of perfume, I usually spray it on my pulse then wait for an hour or two before deciding if the scent suits me.

    I have not tried Hugo Boss though.


  11. There are so many perfumes being launched each year. I love the fancy bottles that they come in. true it’s not easy to find a scent that you really like.

  12. what a very informative post. I’ve stayed with body sprays for daily use and a better Perfume for special night out =)

  13. The art of perfume making is definitely fascinating.
    I tend to favour Estee Lauder…

  14. The reason could be complicated and articulated language used. Being an educated customer also you cannot understand or their could be more than one methodology for understanding, if you complain their customer care team will try to buy time only and blame game will start, if you go to consumer court or take legal action the legal opinion of your lawyer and company’s lawyer will go on you will stuck-up with your mental physical and financial stress.

  15. I really liked learning about the notes. I like perfume, but it makes me sneeze, so I have to steer clear of it. When I get to the dept. store with all of them there, I have to run through holding my breath…it’s ridiculous.

  16. I love perfume but I really dont know the science around it, what an informative post!

  17. Wow, very informative! The last time I bought an expensive perfume, it turns out fake pala. Hmppp! :) I have a very sensitive nose and usually don’t like those powdery scented ones. Mega-achoo achoo ako. Hehe.

  18. Nice post which perfumes which have very strong top notes last for only a couple of hours. Middle notes last longer than the top note. Last is the base note which lasts the longest, but it takes some time for it to be obvious. Thanks a lot for posting this article.

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