Remodeling Tips for Small Bathrooms

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Every girl dreams of becoming a beauty queen someday.  When I was little, I used to picture myself with scepter in hand, and a bejeweled crown on my head.  Although I may never get to make that dream a reality, I still get to feel like a beauty queen at home.  Inside my bathroom, I feel like a beauty pageant contestant when I do my quarter turns.  Because of the cramped space of my bathroom, all I need is to make quarter turns, and everything is within reach.

If you’re like me who has a tiny bathroom, all hope is not lost.  Before claustrophobia creeps up on you, here are some remedial measures that even the experts at remodeling in Springfield, MO believe will work at making your small bathroom seem big.

Downscale things.  Imagine that you’re living in a Lilliputian village.  Think about getting a smaller toilet and a sink just wide enough for two people.    If you must get a tub, go for one with a narrow rim.  Bulky items will only eat up so much space.

When it comes to doors, have a pocket door installed instead of a hinged one.  This will save you space when opening or closing it.  It’s quite cool to have too!

Storage is always important- especially if you simply have lots of knick knacks and thingamajigs like I do!  Go for recessed cabinets with sliding doors to keep your essentials.

Proper lighting always does wonders at brightening up a room.  It’s the magic wand of interior design, I must say.  Instead of dreary fluorescent lighting for your tiny bathroom, opt for ambient lighting.  This helps create the illusion of a bigger room.  Add some task lighting near the mirror to provide you with that brightness you need when doing touch ups.

You can mount glass tiles around the walls in your bathroom, so it can bounce off light, making the room look bigger.  You can position those glass tiles in way that they form a continuous horizontal line across the walls of your bathroom.   This band pulls the eye across the room, giving the illusion of space.

In some cases, bigger really is better- just don’t tell that to your boyfriend!  Small bathrooms can cleverly be made to look spacious with the tips listed above.  Get the right person to do the job, and you’ll have the look and feel of a bigger bathroom.

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  1. My Mother-in-Law has a pocket door going from her living room to the dining room and I really like it. I’d like to have pocket doors for my closet!

  2. We have spacious bathroom now. Before our bathroom fits only 1 person, now it fits 5 or more people inside. That is my mother’s dream bathroom, big and spacious, wherein she can wash clothes inside at the same time.

  3. We don’t have big bathrooms at home but it’s enough though. Yes. I agree with proper lighting, it helps a lot especially for a smaller one.

  4. I guess having the bathroom structures customized to its size will make it a lot comfortable.

  5. There are lots of little tricks people can use to help make small bathrooms look larger. The simplest and cheapest is color. When you color a room with a darker floor, a lighter wall (light blue or brown) and a white ceiling, you mimic the color scheme of being outside. Surprisingly, this simple change gives a small room the feeling of being larger.

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