Resolutions, Resolutions…

It’s only too tempting to go without a post about the New Year, but for lack of any worthwhile topic to write about, I will succumb to pressure and write something about the New Year, just like everyone else already has.

Resolutions, shmesolutions.   I was never one to make them, sorry.  I’ve always thought that resolutions are like your ex-husband: useless and unreliable.
For a time, I tried making a few resolutions to ring in the new year, but I think I broke them as soon as I made them.  It is true, old habits die hard, and it’s much more comfortable to keep doing what you always have.  Change is stressful, and fear of the unknown is the most dreadful.
Don’t get me wrong, though.  I have nothing against those who make new year’s resolutions.  I think it’s admirable for them to come up with a list of goals and stick to them.  I guess that’s what’s wrong with me: I don’t have the guts to stick to them, let alone make them. 
Anyway, I don’t want to start the new year on a negative note, so I’ll just stop right now.  Ok, maybe I’ll resolve to be a little more optimistic this year.   Cheers, everyone!  Have a happy 2012.

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  1. know I’ll agree with your phrase..useless and unreliable like my ex husband or it should be spelled X hehehe..

    Happy new year Peps ;)

  2. hehe…i came up with a list and it’s my first time (to announce/post), trying so hard now to keep the promises, no resolutions next year…hahah! happy new year Pepper! :)

  3. See? This is why I resolve stupid things. If anything, resolutions give us one extra post topic. Thank you, Mr. New Year, thank you.

    Happy New Year girl! Hope it is blessed!

  4. haha!!! I usually don’t make resolutions either. I just had so many things I wanted to accomplish this year that I just took the plunge. Happy New Year!!!

  5. Hi Pepper,

    You don’t have to jump on the bandwagon (I haven’t made mine too hehe) :) Although you can use a NYR list to your advantage if you help your kids make one for themselves. I wrote about making a fun one here (in case you’re interested):

    Natawa ako dun sa sinabi mo about ex-husbands haha. Thanks for dropping by the blog and I always enjoy reading your posts.


  6. I totally agree – useless. Happy New Year!

  7. Optimistic Mom says

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year and good luck with the optimism!

  8. Ha ha tis true tis true! Everyone starts the year gung-ho then reality smacks them in the face :)

  9. I used to make a list of goals every year with the aim of attaining 50%. It was reasonable and attainable and usually I surprised myself by getting more than 50%. Since having kids, however, I don’t have time for the fun stuff I put on the list before (get my belay certificate, learn to SCUBA, get 15 summits) and feel that “being less bitchy” and “swearing less” would look weird on a list… I’m sure my family would appreciate me working on those things (among others) though. ; p

  10. I don’t do resolutions either. I will be picking a word for my year, but it is just what I would like the year to be for me right now. If things change and life takes me in a different directions, so be it.

  11. I am not resolving to do anything either. I’ve decided to focus on one value each month instead. This month is order, so I am trying to find opportunities to get things organized–less stressful than making a list of things I can’t do!

    visiting from VB!

  12. mdenise | online printing says

    “…resolutions are like your ex-husband: useless and unreliable.” I had a good laugh at this one! Anyway, I totally agree; I tweeted something like this before the start of the year because think Change doesn’t come only at New Year’s. If you want to change, you can do it when you can – whatever day of the year. And yes, I don’t make them too because I know I can’t comply myself. LOL.

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